ZywOo finishes match without dying, Vitality crushes Complexity in PGL Antwerp Major opener

The Challengers leg of the PGL Antwerp Major started with a one-sided victory as Vitality dominated Complexity on Inferno from start to finish.

The Franco-Danish powerhouse started on the CT side of the map. They won the first half by 14-1 and only allowed Complexity to plant the bomb twice. The North Americans couldn’t do anything, despite the strategies they tried. When the teams switched sides, Vitality only took the gun and the next round to close the game 16-1.

Vitality so trampled complexity that Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut finished the match without a single death after 17 rounds. The double best player in the world finished 11-0, but it was Danish duo Emil “Magisk” Reif and Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen who suffered the most, with 20 and 19 eliminations respectively.

As for the Complexity side, there is really nothing to emphasize. They were outplayed throughout the best-of-one and none of their players were able to shine against the stronghold of Vitality. This result will leave Vitality confident to move on to the legend stage, while the North Americans may have lost their hopes.

Day one of the Challengers stage will see teams play two rounds before tomorrow’s advancement and elimination matches. Eight of the 16 teams will advance to the legends stage.

Sharon D. Cole