Young Sheldon Season 6 Explains One Final Big Bang Theory Problem

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Young Sheldon season 6, episode 7.

In The Big Bang TheorySheldon can’t stand the idea of ​​splitting the credit, and Young Sheldon season 6 finally illustrated the source of this character trait. The events of Young Sheldon does not always align with its predecessorr The Big Bang Theory. From the different character of Meemaw in The Big Bang Theory to the much kinder portrayal of George Sr in the spin-off, Young Sheldon regularly offers a markedly different version of the events of the previous hit.


However, this does not mean that Young Sheldon cannot discover the weaknesses of the Sheldon root. In The Big Bang Theory season 2, episode 6 “The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem”, Sheldon shows his toxic side when he fires an infinitely dedicated graduate student because she asked him for his share of the credit for a discovery. In Young Sheldon season 6, episode 7, “A Tougher Nut and a Note to File”, Dr. Linkletter sows the seeds of this obsession when he gets rid of a nagging Sheldon by offering to help only if he’s ready to share the credit. Sheldon refuses, beginning a pattern that stays in place until he acknowledges the contributions of his friends, family, and love in The Big Bang Theory final.

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Why Sheldon refuses to share credit

Young Sheldon and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

As Leonardo deceives The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s obsession with taking credit for his discoveries is often cited as one of his greatest character flaws. On re-surveillance, the insistence may seem overzealous and mean-spirited. However, “A Tougher Nut and a Note on File” justifies the character trait. To be fair to Sheldon, he doesn’t demand monetary compensation for his discoveries, as evidenced by his willingness to turn over his invaluable grant database idea to the university for free at the end of the episode. it’s no wonder he’s obsessed with credit since that’s all Sheldon asks of his discoveries and ideas.

Why Sheldon’s Credit Emphasis Is Toxic

Confused Sheldon in Young Sheldon season 6 episode 5

However, just because there’s justification for Sheldon’s obsession with credit doesn’t make the trend any less toxic. Sheldon looks more like Mary than he thinks and his zeal to hoard credit for joint projects recalls his mother’s superiority complex. This, in turn, can prevent Sheldon from working as a team, as well as threaten his relationship with Amy Farrah-Fowler by making his partner feel underappreciated. Like many of Sheldon’s flaws, his need to be the only name credited on any given project plays into his selfishness and hurts those around him as a result.

That said, Sheldon’s willingness to hand over a phenomenally valuable invention to the university for free shows generosity of spirit, as does his frequent willingness to lend money to friends in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s ability to be more selfless comes out strong during The Big Bang Theoryy finale when he attributes his professional successes to his friends. As Sheldon’s obsession with his place, the character’s zeal to take exclusive credit is rooted in Young Sheldon. However, Sheldon successfully overcomes this character flaw when he achieves his lifelong goal of winning a Nobel Prize and dedicates his shared victory not to himself, but to his friends, Amy Farrah Fowler, and family.

Sheldon manages to swallow his pride and accept that collaboration, friendship, and teamwork have made him the man he is. The Big Bang Theory final, but its Young Sheldon me is far from beginning this journey. Sheldon’s unusual priorities mean he can come across as both arrogant and selfless, which is explained when Young Sheldon season 6 hints at Sheldon’s future adventures by describing his early and adamant inability to share credit even when it would make a project easier and more feasible. The roots of The Big Bang Theory the antihero can be found in Young Sheldonthe main character of, from his massive ego to his startling selflessness.

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