Young Sheldon makes a Big Bang theory inconsistency even more complex

Whereas The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon differ in their characterizations of Sheldon’s father, George Sr, season 6 of the spinoff makes this question even more complicated. Young Sheldon tells the story of the titular The Big Bang Theory the star’s tumultuous childhood. However, while Young Sheldon characters like Sheldon’s mother Mary, his grandmother Meemaw and his siblings George Jr and Missy have all appeared on The Big Bang Theorythere are differences in how they are portrayed in the two shows.


The starkest case of this disparity is Sheldon’s father, George Sr. Throughout The Big Bang TheorySheldon and Mary talk about how the late George Sr was a heavy drinker and alcoholic and while he certainly likes beer, that doesn’t fit the way he’s portrayed in Young Sheldon. However, Young Sheldon season 6 could have explained why in a complex way.

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Sheldon’s account of the events of Young Sheldon could explain these plot holes, as the character could be trying to make his childhood less dark than it was. However, the opposite could also be true, and Sheldon may have realized when he sat down to recount his youth that his father wasn’t as troubled as he had previously claimed. In both cases, however, Young Sheldon season 6 complicates this issue through one of Mary’s storylines. In Young Sheldon season 6, episode 2, “Future Worf and the South Pacific Margarita” (season 6, episode 2), it is implied that Mary was also a heavy drinker and tough party girl, which made her and Sheldon The Big Bang Theory George Sr’s characterization seems even harsher in retrospect, but also explains how that characterization could have been formed.

Young Sheldon Season 6 Addresses Mary Cooper’s Drinking

Sheldon’s mother reportedly “hit the liquor cabinet hard enough“and, when George Sr asks her if she wants to drink with him, he says the evening could be”like the good old times.” While the believer Mary of Young Sheldon rarely comes off or throws caution to the wind, these comments imply that Mary enjoyed a drink in her younger, more carefree days. Meemaw confirms this much later in the episode when she asks George Sr if he really believes he’s the only man Mary has ever had a wild heart with. This revelation could explain why Mary is older The Big Bang Theory incarnation remembers George as being more of a heavy drinker than he was.

To deal with his flaws as father and husband and to displace the grief of his sudden death, Mary might have chosen to remember George Sr as more of a slacker than meets the eye. Young Sheldon. In The Big Bang Theory, George Jr complains that his mother preferred Sheldon to him and often rejected the work he did to support himself and Missy, which could also have happened when Mary rejected George Sr as a mere drinker problem. Learning that Mary was once as much of a drinker as George Sr (and seeing that she’s still able to let loose, get drunk, and get frisky with her husband in the same episode) proves that Mary isn’t completely at odds with she husband. Unfortunately, it could also prove that The Big Bang TheoryThe character’s version of the character will one day remember herself and her husband as much more divided than they were in Young Sheldon to minimize its loss.

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Sharon D. Cole