Young Sheldon Made Mary and Missy’s Big Bang Theory Appearance More Tragic

The penultimate episode of Young Sheldon Season 5 featured a tender moment between Mary and Missy, which makes their The Big Bang Theory cameo all the more tragic.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 5.

Mary (Zoe Perry) and Missy (Raegan Revord) moment in Young Sheldon season 5 makes their The Big Bang Theory more tragic look. All along The Big Bang TheoryDuring the team’s 12 seasons, the pair visited Pasadena several times, albeit separately. That was until Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy’s (Mayim Bialik) wedding in season 11, when Mary and Missy finally appeared together to witness the socially inept genius’ big day.

Things are currently difficult for the Coopers in Young Sheldon season 5. Georgie’s (Montana Jordan) situation with Mandy (Emily Osment) led to some additional problems for the family, including Sheldon’s mother and father. As their oldest child goes through an unexpected pregnancy dilemma, Mary and George are forced to carefully consider the state of their relationship. Both tried to cope with the situation; for Mary, it means leaning heavily on Pastor Rob (Dan Byrd), something her husband doesn’t appreciate.


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In the Young Sheldon penultimate episode of Season 5, George’s jealousy over Mary’s friendship with Pastor Rob finally boils over, sparking another fight between them. After receiving a call from East Texas Tech informing her that Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is struggling in school, Mary finally breaks down as Missy rushes to her mother’s side to comfort her. This is the most moving moment of the Young Sheldon exit, making their future relationship more heartbreaking.

In the finale of Missy and Mary The Big Bang Theory appearance, the pair couldn’t stop bickering, hinting at their tumultuous dynamic. While Missy was more than willing to talk about her split from her husband, Mary basically gassed her by implying that things between them were still salvageable. The fact that only Missy sees Mary’s struggles in Young Sheldon season 5 makes it tragic that she couldn’t give her daughter the same kind of support that Sheldon’s twin needed during her divorce. Instead, Mary remained obsessed with Sheldon and his accomplishments.

As the Coopers go through the ups and downs of life at The Big Bang Theory prequel, it becomes increasingly clear that Missy is the best character in Young Sheldon so far. As Sheldon grows oblivious to what’s going on in their home, his twin has gone out of her way to emotionally support everyone. After learning about Georgie’s situation, she approached him and sincerely offered her support. Afterwards, when a Sunday school child began to belittle her family, she stood up and defended them by hitting him. This got him in trouble, but it brought out his strong sense of loyalty. Although Mary usually ignores her in favor of Sheldon, Missy didn’t hesitate to empathize with her mother when she saw her start to cry. Later that night, she also helped matriarch Cooper when Sheldon and Georgie asked why George wasn’t joining them for dinner.

The Coopers’ lives are only going to get worse from now on. George’s inevitable death looms Young Sheldon progress through The Big Bang Theorythe established schedule. Given Missy’s close relationship with her father, it’s likely his disappearance will have a significant impact on her. Let’s hope Mary steps in and gives back the emotional support her daughter will need when that time finally comes.

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