Young Sheldon gives George the reason for being Big Bang Theory’s bad dad

Young Sheldon season 5, episode 13 just gave George (Lance Barber) a justified reason to be the bad dad he portrayed in The Big Bang Theory.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 5, episode 13.

CBS’ Young Sheldon just gave George (Lance Barber) a reason to become the bad dad he’s been portrayed as on The Big Bang Theory. Throughout its fifth season, the prequel series portrayed the Cooper patriarch as an empathetic character who fell victim to his unfortunate circumstances. This is part of his attempt to justify his possible cheating scandal. But now, Young Sheldon also paved a clear path for him to transform into the neglectful father that adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) portrayed him in the original show.

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This seems to be the reason why The Big Bang Theory spinoff teased George’s potential affair with Brenda (Melissa Peterman). But whether or not something comes of their mutual attraction, the series could present another big challenge for the Cooper patriarch as he finds himself on the verge of being fired. As revealed in Young Sheldon season 5, episode 13, “A Lot of Band-Aids and the Cooper Surrender”, George is under a lot of stress after the poor performance of the Medford High School football team last season – and it doesn’t help that the parents of the players do not respect him as a coach, making it clear that they would rather have another one. This makes George incredibly anxious, to the point that he eventually breaks down in front of Mary (Zoe Perry). Assuming he gets kicked out of his job, it could trigger the character’s downfall, especially given how important supporting his family is to him.

Young Sheldon Season 5 George

Sheldon and Mary described George as a drunken and useless father. But while he often drinks in Young Sheldon, he only does it after work to relax. If he loses his means of support, it is not impossible that it will exacerbate his depression and his insecurity with his family who generally disrespect him at home. Although he works hard to support his wife and children financially, they often berate him, which leads him to confess that he feels miserable with the way his life has gone during Young Sheldon season 4 finale. Unfortunately, nothing has been done to address his personal issues, and the fact that he currently harbors secret feelings for Brenda makes it difficult for him to open up to Mary. But now that he could lose his job, it could lead him to spiral and act in an effort to cope with his situation.

How? ‘Or’ What Young Sheldon handles George’s narrative leading up to his death in a few years is currently uncertain. But it is clear that the current Young Sheldon the script puts a lot of pressure on the character, as if the show is trying to break him down. All of this could lead to him finally turning into the bad dad he was remembered on. The Big Bang Theory.

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