Young Sheldon actor takes issue with George’s version of the Big Bang theory

Lance Barber admits that Young Sheldon’s George is not a good father, but he also takes issue with the version of the character portrayed in The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon star, Lance Barber, opposes The Big Bang TheoryGeorge’s version. Unlike the rest of his family, Sheldon’s father (Jim Parsons) never appeared on the nerd-centric sitcom, because when it started he was long dead. Still, fans knew him from the stories of his son and his wife — most of which were unflattering. Now, after playing the character for more than five years, Barber says that’s not the kind of father George is.

The Big Bang Theory portrays the Cooper patriarch as a worthless dad who didn’t care about his family. Adult Sheldon and his mother, Mary (Laurie Metcalf), mocked George despite the fact that he was long dead. To make matters worse, Sheldon also confessed to catching his father having sex with another woman. Thus, viewers were surprised when Young Sheldon introduces a rather decent family man into the character of Barber. Although he makes mistakes, the prequel iteration of George is a good family man who is committed to his wife and family, especially when it comes to supporting them.


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Young Sheldon has not yet resolved the discrepancy with The Big Bang Theorybut ahead of his 100th episode, Barber spoke to THR on his favorite outings from the spin-off. Here, he inadvertently revealed that he didn’t approve of George’s original portrayal in the sitcom. Read his full comment below:

“My favorites are where you see George as a dad who tries hard for his family. He’s not, in some ways, a great dad. But he’s a trying person. He’s a character confrontational, which makes it interesting and easier to understand, instead of being a drunken redneck cartoon.

To be fair, when The Big Bang Theory began incorporating George into his script, remarks about him were meant to be comedic. At that time, CBS and the creatives behind the show were unaware that Young Sheldon would eventually happen and they would have to actually introduce the character. If the spinoff just followed what its parent series said about the Cooper patriarch, the show would have been very different. It would have been difficult to use the lazy, drunk version of George in what was supposed to be a light-hearted family sitcom without being borderline inappropriate. Because of that, the offshoot decided to just roll with their flawed yet committed take on the character. Whether or not this changes in the future is uncertain at this time.

Young Sheldon has done a great job humanizing George over the past few seasons. This may be an attempt to justify his possible cheating, assuming this follows what has been established in The Big Bang Theory. But his infidelity storyline aside, another story that fans dread is George’s death, which is about a few years away from the show’s current timeline. The spinoff has been dancing around these dark storylines for a while now, but as it progresses, it ultimately has to address them, or else they would cause massive continuity issues with its parent series.

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