Why Stormtroopers have a horrific purpose

It’s way too easy to blame it on the horrible goal stormtroopers on a few factors, right? Plot armor would be one of those, as one has to try to imagine how individuals wearing no armor and having no other means of protection could walk through blaster fire without a scratch. The number of jokes that have been made regarding stormtroopers and their gruesome purpose is hard to count, and it’s a little confusing to read the novels and comics to learn that the most basic stormtroopers are subject to some of the most grueling workouts of all time. . And yet they fall so easily that you have to wonder how good their training really is. When it comes to targeted practice, sure, many stormtroopers don’t really benefit from additional training, while those who become specialist soldiers might find that they receive better gear, better training, and are seen as highly refined tools, rather than the nuts and bolts of the Empire which are valuable in bulk but are often considered less than important on their own.

There have been a few theories as to why stormtroopers are so ineffective, but one explanation makes a lot more sense than others, and it was introduced during one of the anime series. It has been mentioned at least a few times in Star Wars history that helmets the soldiers’ clothing is a bit restrictive and does not always allow for the best aim. Even Luke Skywalker mentioned that he couldn’t see anything in his helmet, but it’s fair to assume at the time that it was due to his lack of height since even Leia mentioned that he was a bit small for a stormtrooper. But it might not be his height, but rather the clumsy, overbearing helmet he wore.

Gear is somehow crucial when it comes to being effective at anything. Since their tasks were usually to put them in danger, one would assume that soldiers could have been given armor and equipment that would allow them to gain and maintain the advantage against their enemies. But while this is sci-fi, you have to think that trying to equip thousands of soldiers at once could be costly, and with the cost of two Death Stars and multiple fleets, it’s easy to think that the soldiers have the end of the stick. when it comes to their gear, which means mass-producing their armor, helmets, and even weapons would undoubtedly be a problem for many soldiers. Imagine trying to shoot straight when you can’t see; it’s not exactly the easiest scenario unless you’re one of the few individuals in pop culture who can target based on sound. And no, there are no aspiring Hawkeyes in the Star Wars universe, especially not in stormtrooper regiments. Blaming their poor aim on their clunky headsets feels like a major loophole, as it sounds like something that would be flagged and possibly fixed, or so you might think.

How easy is it to get a company to fix something in the real world? Now consider filling out a new or improved equipment form for a known empire to sacrifice its own when deemed necessary. What was the probability that the stormtrooper’s armor would ever be repaired? First Order troops have managed to improve a bit, but it’s still the elite troopers who have received the best armor, training, and weapons, while the mundane troopers are basically buddies who are there to absorb the hits. and die in service. of the Empire. Stormtroopers weren’t exactly valued as anything other than tools, as they had designations, not names, for quite a while. It is true that by using serial numbers it probably becomes easier as there is no need to get confused trying to address multiple people with the same name. But stormtroopers are essentially meat machines that the Empire recruited in massive groups as they continued to use them regularly.

The bad purpose of the soldiers could have been solved by seemingly ditching the helmet design, but for the sake of the franchise, the helmets were kept because not only did they make the soldiers a bit more intimidating, but they at least provided a reason to their horrible purpose. There is a lot of other reasons that people would try to advance, like the lack of practice, but trying to aim through a helmet that obstructs your vision is bound to be quite difficult. At the end of the day though, stormtroopers are the faceless, expendable force that acts as a shield for the Empire, and sometimes they managed to hit something.

Sharon D. Cole