What role would you have in the universe of The Big Bang Theory, according to your zodiac sign?

The Big Bang Theory ran for twelve seasons between 2007 and 2019. The sitcom details the lives of a group of friends – Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Leonard – whose lives change when they meet new neighbor Penny. The show was and still is immensely popular, which led to the spin-off series Young Sheldon.

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Learning about your favorite characters’ zodiac signs can become another way to bond with them. In The Big Bang Theory, characters are easily categorized into the zodiac as they have very distinct personalities. The time and attention put into each character, principal or setting, leaves a strong impression.

12 Pisces are sensitive and gentle, like Stuart

Pisces is a water sign and they are often sensitive, compassionate, and creative. They’re idealistic, but Pisces are also insecure and yearn for acceptance.

This sign represents Stuart. Viewers can see the emotions pour over his face when he is left out (which happens frequently). Stuart is an artist with a creative mind. He is also insecure, always trying to fit in where he doesn’t. Stuart wants so badly to be accepted by his friends but is often left on the sidelines.

11 Scorpios are intense, like Howard

Scorpios are a complex sign, often perceived negatively. They have charisma but can be manipulative, cunning and deceptive. Beneath the surface, however, there is a river of emotion and sensitivity. Scorpios can be fiercely loyal and very ambitious.

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At first, Howard is very manipulative. He often lies to women in his attempts to deceive them. Howard was a creep, but the breaking point is when Penny points it out and leaves Howard devastated. Her sensitivity shines through, and her intense romantic gestures later in the series reflect Howard’s loyalty and kindness.

ten Cancer is protective, like Bernadette

Cancers are compassionate and protective, and they care deeply. They can be very committed and have great emotional depth. However, there is a thin line between nurturing and controlling. Cancers can be dramatic but, deep down, they are passionate, creative, and kind.

Bernadette is a very protective person, especially when it comes to her friends, family, and Howard. Bernadette is generally gentle, but there is a scary and defensive side to her. Audiences sometimes see Bernadette transform into Howard’s mother, who was also a very protective but sometimes controlling figure in Howard’s life.

9 Aquarians are parental figures, like Mary

Aquarius is an air sign. They are caring, uncompromising risk takers with huge hearts. They have eccentric energy, see without prejudice and have an aggressive side.

Sheldon’s mother, Mary, is adamant in her religion and talks about it almost at every opportunity. Mary does not discriminate and seems to have no anger towards anyone except Leonard’s mother, Beverley, who raised her children scientifically, almost entirely devoid of emotion. On the other hand, Mary is stern but gentle and raised Sheldon with strict rules and lots of love.

8 Libra is always looking for love, like Raj

Libras yearn for love in all things, and they deeply desire companionship above all else. They have a hard time pleasing people, insecurity, and an inability to trust their own judgement. Libras, however, can activate the charm to get through tough situations.

Raj is all of those things. He spends a lot of time looking for a romantic partner but often finds himself alone and relies on Howard’s leadership and judgment as he doesn’t trust his people. Raj’s desire for companionship makes him a lovable and likeable character, and therein lies his charm.

seven Gemini love to socialize, like Amy

Geminis are often very expressive and sociable people. They are intelligent and witty with a childlike innocence. Geminis are known to be gossips due to their curious nature and are great fun to be around.

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Amy likes to hear about gossip and is very curious. She’s an intellectual and she really wants to learn. There is an innocence to Amy, shown in her friendship with Penny. Amy buys Penny a giant painting of the two of them, and it’s so nice and sweet that Penny doesn’t tell her she doesn’t like the gift.

6 Capricorn is ambitious, like Sheldon

Capricorns are resilient, ambitious, and relentless. They are secretly very playful and mischievous, but they can appear emotionless or cold. Capricorns are the hard workers of the zodiac and are often quite outspoken.

It’s Sheldon. The Nobel Prize was always Sheldon’s ambition and he let nothing get in his way. Sheldon certainly seems emotionless and robot-like at times, but audiences see his cheeky side popping out every once in a while.

5 Virgos are logical, like Leslie

Virgos are analytical, practical, and sometimes direct. They communicate clearly and often very harshly, as they value logic over emotion and don’t beat around the bush.

It’s easy to see how Leslie ties into the basic Virgo description. She is a scientist who covers analysis, practicality and logic. A scientist’s job is to prove theories. Therefore, there is a level of perfectionism in his work. Leslie is not considered friendly and often speaks neutrally, much like a Virgo would.

4 Taurus goes after what they want, just like Leonard

Taurus can be found seeking relaxation and comfort. They move forward in life, always seeking stability while remaining focused on their goals. Once a Taurus sets their sights on someone or something, they have a laser focus. A Taurus is more than willing to play the long game to get what they want because they are stubborn and loyal.

Leonard pursues Penny for a long, long time. Even when Penny dumps him, dates someone else, or seems completely uninterested in him, Leonard still remains very much in love with her and continues to work toward winning her heart.

3 Leos love the spotlight, and so does Wil

The fire sign, Leos are fierce leaders with a creative edge. They love drama and constantly see themselves in the spotlight as celebrities. There’s some diva-like behavior associated with Leos, but it could just be their confidence.

Wil Wheaton, at least in the way he’s portrayed on the show, fits the definition of a Leo. Leos are entertainers and Wil is an actor who loves the attention that comes with being famous. Also, he might not admit it, but Wil loves Sheldon’s drama.

2 Aries is fierce, just like Beverley

Aries has no filter. They are willful, independent and fierce. People generally want to avoid conflict, but not Aries. They are very direct and are natural leaders. Aries can often roll over other people in pursuit of what they want, forgetting that these people have their own feelings and desires.

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Beverley didn’t care about her son Leonard’s feelings when he was growing up. She experimented on him for scientific research, and the pain associated with that is intense, but so is the love. Aries tends to do things their own way, and that was how Beverley expressed her fascination with Leonard.

1 Sagittarians are free spirits, just like Penny

Sagittarians are adventurous, spontaneous free spirits who pursue passion and change. They have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and new experiences and are always looking to explore the world around them. Sagittarians are also known to be blunt and can lash out when their feelings are hurt.

Penny leaves a small town to pursue her dream of acting. She is compared to the Hulk by her friends as she cannot express her negative emotions and becomes quite wild when she attempts to do so. Penny’s desire for new experiences and change leads to her romance with Leonard, someone who is not her usual type.

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