What Big Bang Theory Fans Don’t Understand About All The Sheldon Hate

“The Big Bang Theory” was full of socially awkward characters, but Sheldon took the cake because he lacked the ability to read the play and empathize. This annoyed a fan who started to Reddit and complained about the Season 6 finale, in which Sheldon ruined a heartwarming moment between Penny and Leonard. In short, the lovers were emotional as they said goodbye at the airport – until Sheldon intervened and informed Penny that she was parked in the red zone.

According u/DawnsLopunny, Sheldon’s involvement ruined what should have been an emotional scene. “It’s supposed to be a heartfelt and kinda sad moment, but Sheldon has to be an ignorant jerk and spoil it, and it’s a season finale that I dread every time because of it” , they wrote.

However, the post received backlash from fans who were intrigued by the hate Sheldon frequently receives online for continually being so goofy throughout the show’s 12 seasons. “It amazes me how often people -0 who are presumably fans of the show – complain when Sheldon acts in a way that is completely consistent with his character,” u/zddoodah Noted.

This sentiment was echoed by u/pegvader, who said Sheldon’s answer matched his personality perfectly. “The problem is that Sheldon is focused on rules and regulations. Order is everything in his world. They’re parked in the wrong place – this MUST be fixed.”

Sharon D. Cole