Watch’s End Is A Jarhead Sequel – Theory Explained

A theory suggesting that End of Watch could be a sequel to Jarhead is surprisingly plausible, as it goes much further than the common star of the two movies.

A Reddit theory linking Jarhead for End of guard tour suggests that the latter film could be a sequel to the former. Besides the two films with Jake Gyllenhaal, Jarhead and End of guard tour don’t have much in common when viewed casually. 2005 Jarhead follows the true story of American sailor Anthony Swofford and his Gulf War experience, and End of guard tour follows fictional officer Brian Taylor and his partner Mike Zavala (Michael Peña) as they patrol the streets of South Central Los Angeles.

Both films were well received upon release. Sam Mendes Jarhead was praised for its realism and its exploration of delicate subjects that touched heavily on the psychological impact of war. End of guard tour was praised for its gritty drama and accurate portrayal of American police life, as well as for the performances of its actors. However, since one film focuses on a US Marine during the Gulf War and the other on a police officer in Los Angeles, it would seem that the two films have very little in common from a narrative standpoint.

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However, a theory published on Reddit suggest that this End of guard tour is a secret sequel to Jarhead. Despite the different names of its protagonists and some minor narrative hurdles, it’s a remarkably plausible theory, thanks to a number of little threads between the two films. Not only are Jake Gyllenhaal’s characters incredibly similar, but there are also specific aspects of the two films’ respective stories that seem to be connected. Jarhead for End of guard tour.

Brian Taylor mentions being a former Marine

The basis of the theory comes directly from End of guard tourthe protagonist of, Brian Taylor, who talks a bit about his past as a United States Navy. Taylor’s status as a former Marine is something that is mentioned in passing several times in End of guard tour, though it never becomes fully relevant to the film’s story. The only time it matters is in the film’s final scenes when Taylor and Zavala get into a gunfight and Taylor’s Marine training begins, but that’s an otherwise unnecessary detail added by the movie. writer and director of the film David Ayer.

However, the theory posits that Taylor’s former career as a Marine may have been deliberately written to tie the film to Jarhead. Although this appears to be a current setting, End of guard tour does not give a specific date on which its events occur. Therefore, it is not impossible that Taylor’s navy days overlapped with the Gulf War, apparently giving the theory additional weight.

Taylor and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Swofford share personality traits

Interestingly, some of the best evidence for this theory actually comes from the behavior of the two films’ respective protagonists. Anthony Swofford and Brian Taylor actually share many personality traits that make the theory all the more plausible, as the two characters act relatively consistent with each other. Both struggle to take their roles seriously: Jarhead Anthony Swofford fights against the authority of the US Marine Corps, and End of guard tourBrian Taylor is shown to disregard direct orders regarding his conduct as a police officer (including constantly filming his work despite being regularly told to stop).

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Another way the two men resemble each other is in their difficulty working as part of a larger unit. Swofford struggles to establish his place in the Marines due to the tense nature of his situation, while Taylor seems uninterested in the respect of his peers. Both men also crave excitement in jobs that require a lot of restraint, and the internal struggle that creates is a central part of both Jake Gyllenhaal films.

Parallels Between Jarhead And End Of Watch Suggest A Connection

The parallels created by the many similarities between Jake Gyllenhaal’s two characters are significant. Although the characters themselves share many traits, the way this manifests in both Jarhead and End of guard tour is remarkably similar. As both Swofford and Taylor are seemingly ready to prove themselves, they both find themselves at odds with their peers. However, they each have a close friend who serves as their confidant: Alan Troy for Swofford and Mike Zavala for Taylor. Both films see Gyllenhaal’s character act as a relative loner, with only the support of a partner who partly shares his ideology.

On top of that, both films see the respective ambitious nature of their protagonists putting them in over their heads. In End of guard tour, a golden AK-47 is found during a traffic stop that puts Taylor and Zavala at the heart of a criminal plot that changes Taylor’s life forever. In Jarhead, Swofford’s own ambition pushes him to his psychological limit, and he leaves the war feeling broken and downtrodden having failed to fulfill his ambition. Both films follow their protagonists on journeys of self-discovery that begin with ambition and naivety and end with heartbreak, connecting the two films in a narrative sense.

The End of the Watch Can’t Be a Direct Sequel to Jarhead (But Can Be a Secret Remake)

Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal in End of Watch

The idea that End of guard tour maybe a Jarhead the sequel works on a shallow level, but once inspected closely, the theory begins to fall apart. Beyond the obvious – the two protagonists have different names and Taylor claims to have fought in Afghanistan during Jarhead is set in the Arabian Peninsula – there are also other significant obstacles to one Jake Gyllenhaal film being a sequel to another. The fact that both films explore many of the same narrative ideas seems to be more testament to this.

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This makes End of guard tour feel less like a sequel to Jarhead and more like a spiritual reboot. Jake Gyllenhaal’s characters in each film experience similar story arcs, and the idea that the same character could effectively go through the same story twice makes the theory over the top. However, interpreted more freely, the similarities between Jarhead and End of guard tour making the two films feel undeniably connected by more than just sharing a star.

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