Venom: Carnage & Cletus Kasady Can Resurrect In The MCU

Although Carnage and Cletus Kasady met a dark fate in Venom: let there be carnage, there’s a chance they’ll both return in a future MCU movie. Marvel’s Symbiotes are closely tied to Spider-Man, but since Sony and Disney created different universes to house their Marvel franchises in, some changes had to be made. The centerpiece of Sony’s Spider-Man universe thus far has been Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock, who has already encountered three of the most dangerous symbiotes of all time and befriended the one of them, all without the influence of Spider-Man. Still, a possible confrontation between Spider-Man and the symbiotes has not been ruled out.


Venom: let there be carnage made the bold move to kill Carnage and Cletus Kasady, whose eventual battle against Spider-Man was still technically on the table. As one of the most vicious villains in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, Carnage promised to be an exciting threat to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man should they ever cross paths. However, Venom made sure the audience knew the Scarlet Symbiote was completely neutralized by eating Carnage and gnawing on Cletus Kasady’s head.

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There is no doubt that the gruesome deaths of Cletus Kasady and Carnage in Venom: let there be carnage were real. However, the very nature of symbiotes leaves the door open for a potential return. As unlikely as it may seem, Carnage and Cletus Kasady may not only return, but also join Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the MCU. Here’s how.

How Carnage Can Return After Venom 2

Tom Hardy Venom 2 Carnage

Venom defeated Carnage by ingesting it, but that doesn’t mean Carnage was completely destroyed. Given that Carnage was born from a single drop of Eddie Brock’s blood, we can deduce that all it takes is a tiny speck of symbiote to bring the villain back. In fact, Carnage may be alive in Venom’s system, and he could be waiting for the right moment to strike again. A sequel to Venom: let there be carnage could reveal that this process made Carnage even stronger, which would justify his lackluster kill in the first Venom Sequel: The Symbiote may have come to know the extent of its own power before it truly became the bloodthirsty villain it’s known for in the comics. By drawing Venom’s power, reading all of Eddie Brock’s thoughts, and feeding on both of their life forces, Carnage could eventually grow strong enough to break out of his body and become independent again. If Venom had burned Carnage to death instead, the story would be very different.

What No Way Home’s Post-Credits Scene Means For MCU Symbiotes

While the return of Carnage in a sequel to Venom: let there be carnage would a shocking twist in itself, the Spider-Man: No Coming Home post-credits scene could add another layer of surprise when the symbiote returns. Eddie Brock and Venom were transported to the MCU due to Venom’s connection to the multiversal Hive Mind, which establishes an ethereal bond between symbiont organisms in each universe. Eddie and Venom returned to their home universe as soon as Doctor Strange’s latest spell sent all multiversal variants home, but a small part of Venom remained in the MCU. Why this entity hasn’t been returned with Venom has yet to be explained, but there are several possible reasons: it could be a brand new symbiote – possibly one of the descendants of Venom like Toxin, Scream, Agony, Phage or Lasher. It’s also possible that this is a new version of Venom, who will bond with Spider-Man in a future MCU movie while his SSU counterpart continues to inhabit his home universe. Additionally, this new symbiote could also contain the surviving remains of Carnage, allowing him to fully regenerate and join the MCU for future stories alongside Venom and Spider-Man.

Deaths and resurrections of Carnage in the comics

Carnage and Cletus Kasady in Marvel Comics

There are plenty of comic book stories that support Carnage’s return. First, Venom devoured Cletus Kasady’s beloved symbiote, just like it did in Venom: let there be carnage, but Carnage survived inside Venom and not only recovered, but also took control of Eddie Brock’s mind for a time. Later, Carnage was unlucky enough to run into the Sentinel, who took him into space and ripped him in half as he tried to escape the raft. Against all odds, Carnage and Cletus Kasady survived after months adrift in space, and Carnage was able to reproduce while Cletus adjusted to his prosthetic legs. Cletus lost his legs again after encountering Carnage’s offspring, Scorn, but he quickly regained them using Carnage’s healing abilities. Cletus then returned the favor by regenerating Carnage from his own blood when the symbiote was almost completely destroyed.

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Since then, Cletus Kasady and Carnage have been burned, choked to death, decapitated, blown up, sliced ​​in half yet again, dropped to Earth from space, torn apart and cursed by the Darkhold – and yet they still found a way. to heal themselves, no matter how brutal their wounds. Death itself was no obstacle for Carnage and Cletus Kasady, as Carnage regenerated Cletus’ body from the smallest particles long after he breathed his last. Even when Cletus was found damaged beyond repair, he was uploaded to the Symbiote Hive Mind, where he was able to control other symbiotes with his consciousness alone.

How Cletus Kasady’s body can be regenerated

Woody Harrelson Carnage Venom 3

Given the various deaths and resurrections of Carnage and Cletus Kasady in the comics, their supposed death in Venom: let there be carnage is quite difficult to accept. If there’s one Marvel character who can easily defy death, it’s Carnage. Granted, the comics have made resurrections a common occurrence, as dozens of seemingly irreversible deaths have been retconned to allow famous Marvel characters to live on indefinitely. What makes Carnage and Cletus Kasady such a terrifying couple is that their deaths have all but been confirmed, yet they still find a way to come back even stronger than before. Fortunately, Venom and Venom: let there be carnage established that the symbiotes in Sony’s Spider-Man universe have impressive healing abilities, as they can restore their hosts to perfect form in seconds.

If Carnage returns, the symbiote could regenerate Cletus’ body from the tiniest piece of organic tissue it could find inside Venom (or whatever its MCU offspring is called). Such a moment would be shocking if put on screen, but it would perfectly match what Carnage has achieved in the comics. The symbiote that joined the MCU in the Spider-Man: No Coming Home The post-credits scene could possibly spit out Carnage, which in turn could regenerate Cletus Kasady from within. Therefore, Cletus would be a son of Carnage in the MCU as much as Carnage was a son to him in Venom: let there be carnage. After Carnage and Cletus Kasady get their bodies back, it’s open season for them in the MCU.

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