Twitter is experimenting with hashtag algorithms

According to reports, Twitter will be testing a non-clickable hashtag for the platform, which will block one of its most useful features: using a hashtag to find more tweets on a particular topic.

Clickable hashtags play a small but significant role in how people use Twitter. Using hashtag links to click on additional tweets on specialized and narrow topics is a convenient method. Moreover, several well-known social media platforms (like Instagram and TikTok) feature them as they are very useful for viewing content.

A screenshot of a test to change how Twitter hashtags work was uploaded by Jane Manchun Wong. He said you will not be able to click on links in hashtags for the following days.

Another option to monetize Twitter could be to limit the functionality of hashtags and only allow them to be clickable in the case of paid marketing. But if that’s what Twitter is trying here, it seems like an odd choice. Twitter’s ability to foster communities, create movements and track the damage of our fellow human beings is largely due to hashtags.

Hashtag creator Chris Messina responded to the news with a GIF and the phrase, “I don’t know what this is for.”

Sharon D. Cole