Titan UFT design reduces farm tire complexity

DES MOINES, Iowa – Titan International Inc. has developed a farm tire design that it says combines elements of conventional increased flex (IF) and very high flex (VF) tires for certain applications where IF or VF are usually specified. .

Titan’s development of this new technology, which it calls Ultimate Flex Technology (UFT), is designed to curb and potentially reverse the proliferation of SKUs of the past decade or so as the industry has increasingly adopted tire Specialty IF and VF, according to Scott Sloan, agri-commodity manager for Titan International.

The first tires built with UFT – the Goodyear Ultra R-1 Sprayer row-spray tire — debuted at the Farm Progress Show in late August in Des Moines. The tire will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2023 in sizes 380/90R46 and 380/105R50, which represent the majority of equipment for this application.

Expansion plans in different sizes and applications are in development and will be announced at a later date, Titan said. The prices of the new products will be higher than conventional tires for this application, but lower than the IF/VF versions of the same size tires.

“We wanted to create a simple solution for farmers, dealers and OEMs,” Sloan said. “Our idea was why not make a tire that could handle all three applications – conventional, IF and VF. This makes it easy to replace any sprayer tire quickly, without sacrificing performance.”

Sharon D. Cole