Tim Henson showcases dizzying complexity of new Polyphia single in ABC riff game

Last week, Polyphia continued to build anticipation for her upcoming album. Remember you are going to die dropping ABC – the quartet’s latest single, which debuted with one of Scott LePage and Tim Henson’s most incredibly complex riffs to date.

In a track where Henson’s playing was matched – and nearly surpassed – by guest star Sophia Black’s vocal acrobatics, the Ibanez ambassador pulled out all the stops to deliver another puzzle hook that left many at the both amazed and frightened by the prospect of learning it.

Seemingly in response to these sentiments, Henson posted a YouTube video that sees him perform the ABC riff, which showcases the guitar pioneer’s absurd compositional and technical skills.

On the neck of his custom Ibanez nylon-string acoustic guitar, Henson weaves his way unaccompanied through the hook, delivering every harmonic chime and swirling phrase with immaculate precision.

It’s truly a flashy riff and you’ll miss it, so with that in mind, Henson is doing everyone a favor and slowing down his metronome for slower playback, putting the many deft touches and nuanced passages under the microscope. notes that might fly under the radar the first time around.

So not only is this a display of Henson’s ingenuity, but it’s also probably the best chance a brave player could have of learning the riff from the Polyphia man himself.

Unlike previous Polyphia singles – play god and Neurotica – Henson did not record a full playthrough of ABC. After the release of the previous two tracks, Henson fell unplugged play god and full band Neurotica returned.

In a recent conversation with total guitarHenson explained the philosophy behind his innovative compositions, saying, “I believed in them firmly, even before choosing this [Ibanez guitar] that when you dial something in, it should sound good and full in its most naked state.

“Once it sounds good on its own, you can add whatever you want in post-production, or move it to a guitar with a whammy bar,” he continued. “If it sounds good on [a nylon-string]it will most likely sound good on anything.

Polyphia’s next album, Remember you are going to die (opens in a new tab)arrives October 28 and will feature Steve Vai, Chino Moreno and more.

Sharon D. Cole