Thor 4 Theory – Moon Knight in Gorr’s Shelter

The following contains major spoilers for Moon Knight Episode 6, “Gods and Monsters,” streaming now on Disney+.

Throughout its first season Moon Knight largely shunned the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As a relatively obscure hero, he needed space to develop his story before dumping him with the rest of the MCU, both to let him stand on his own terms and to keep him from being cast out. spread by more important personalities of the canon. Yet even so, it’s hard to keep speculation from creeping in, especially when it comes to his pantheon of Egyptian gods. And while Moon Knight has resolutely stuck to its own history, it still belongs in the MCU.

This raised a number of interesting questions about Thor: Love and Thunder, whose main villain is seemingly dedicated to taking down characters like them. Gorr the Butcher God is a fanatic who has the power to do so, and characters from ancient Earth mythology, such as Thor and Zeus, who appear in love and thunder trailer – are obviously on his hit list. Not only the Egyptian gods, but Moon Knight himself could be in danger. Where are they?

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The origin of Gorr the Butcher God was revealed in Thor: God of Thunder #2. He comes from an unnamed planet whose inhabitants were starving, despite believing in superior beings to whom they prayed. When he encounters a real god, he is enraged to find that they have ignored the suffering of their worshipers in order to pursue petty grievances. He steals the god’s black sword and absorbs its powers, then uses them to seek out and destroy all gods in the Marvel Universe. Thor is eventually brought in to find him and end his killing spree.

Thor: Love and Thunder may take a different path with the character, but there are signs of some variation in her origin: including shots in the movie’s trailer pulled almost perfectly from the storyline pages in the comics. This presumably includes the Ennead – the Egyptian deities, who in the MCU dwell in a hell known as the Overvoid – and Khonshu, who was exiled from their company. We also find Moon Knight himself, in his various incarnations, which puts Marc Spector and his patron directly in the sights of the God Butcher.

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moon knight, however, seems to have built in some safeties to protect his deities. The most obvious is the Overvoid itself, which could shield them from Gorr’s healing. Moreover, their overall neglect of humanity – and the rest of the universe in general – has probably left little means to achieve it, which is fortunate for them because their indifference is precisely what the God Butcher in the comics is angry.

Khonshu and Moon Knight, however, might have earned a reprieve. Unlike the rest of the pantheon, Khonshu continues to fight for humanity, to the point of being exiled from his fellow deities for doing so. This is a key point because characters like Thor have also stood up for humanity, but not to the point of taking such losses for the sake of it. Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and the various personalities that serve as his avatar fall into the same boat, which may tempt Gorr to outrun them as well.

It might change once Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters. The film could easily take Gorr in a very different direction, or leave him as a bigot ready to assassinate any deity, regardless of their position or actions. But if his motivations match those of the comics, that leaves a lot of Moon Knight divine figures potentially safe from harm, or at least beyond the bloody reach of Gorr. This ties the show more tightly to the rest of the MCU – and may even be reflected in its second season – without sacrificing the stand-alone and independent story it so carefully constructed in its premiere. love and thunder may or may not involve the Ennead, but Moon Knight the framing of its two central characters ensures that the showrunners will have an explanation for everyone’s survival regardless.

The first season of Moon Knight is streaming on Disney+.

Where are the missing Egyptian gods of Moon Knight?

Where are the missing Egyptian gods of Moon Knight?

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