This simple and tasty side dish boosts sales without increasing operational complexity

In a difficult economic environment, restaurants need all the help they can get. That’s why so many brands are turning to resources that can help them better achieve their sales goals without introducing complexity to their workflow.

Take side dishes, for example. By adding a well-known and appetizing pre-made side to their menus, such as French fries, restaurants can win many operational advantages, including generating additional sales at checkout and reducing the kitchen burden. Even better, when restaurants choose a well-known brand with built-in loyalty, like Kettle Brand® Chips, those benefits can become even more pronounced.

Because consumers are already familiar with Kettle Brand® chips, restaurants can generate additional sales through embedded product demand, as well as charging a premium price for a product known for its quality. Plus, because Kettle Brand® chips have a wide array of fan-favorite flavors in their portfolio and a strong crunch that stands up to wet foods, they can help operators create unique and iconic menu pairings that can entice customers. to come back for more.

“Kettle Brand® chips can add a nice kick of flavor as well as an interesting texture,” says Gerald Drummond, Executive Chef at Campbell’s. “We are always looking for ways to create interesting pairings that complement each other and help elevate the overall dining experience.”

That’s why he and Greg Boggs, Senior Chef at Campbell’s, have crafted several pairings featuring consumer favorite sandwiches and one of the Kettle Brand® potato chips.

One such pairing is the classic Philly Cheese Steak with Kettle Brand® Jalapeño Chips.

“The Jalapeño Chips provide a bold jalapeño flavor and kick that helps balance out the salty, cheesy steak,” says Boggs. The tangy variety from south of the border is a delicious addition to the dish, providing the perfect balance of flavors.

The second pairing is a bacon cheeseburger with Kettle Brand® Backyard Barbeque® potato chips.

“BBQ chips bring barbecue sweetness and spice,” says Drummond. Served with a big, juicy bacon cheeseburger, Kettle Backyard Barbeque® is the perfect addition of smoky, spicy, tart and sweet.

“It’s about flavors that complement each other, the burger and cheesesteak are savory, rich and full of umami,” says Boggs. “The flavors of the fries provide a contrast that compliments.”

Additionally, Drummond and Boggs recommend getting creative with chips and thinking about them beyond their applications as a side dish.

“One way for operators to put their own spin on these chips or elevate them is to take advantage of the bold flavors and crunchy texture by using them in the sandwich as well,” says Drummond.

Meanwhile, Boggs suggests topping fries with cheese sauce to create nachos. “Not only will the fries retain their crispness under the sauce, they will also stay true to their flavor,” he says. “You can pair Nacho Cheese Sauce with Kettle Brand® Backyard Barbeque®, Jalapeño, or Sea Salt Chips, and come up with some really interesting flavor pairings.”

Whatever the application, one thing is certain: Kettle Brand® chips can provide operators with culinary flexibility while reducing complexity in the back office.

To learn more, visit the Kettle Brand® Potato Chips website.

By Peggy Carouthers

Sharon D. Cole