Theory has a score to settle with Brock Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam

Normally, WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar isn’t a big talker.

He’s more of an “equities talk” type and has no problem resolving differences with his fists, legs and a few F5s for good measure during a complex series of negotiations.

So when it was time to address the crowd gathered in San Antonio, Texas, people were genuinely interested in what he would have to say; one of those people being his former manager, Paul Heyman.

In a back and forth for the ages, Lesnar and Heyman clashed verbally like only longtime friends turned newly forged foes can, trading bars and getting personal. It surely had the makings of an all-time great WWE segment, with hints of Hayman’s fondness for Lesner still very evident and a potential face turn for the heavily involved former ECW boss, but so don’t call him Austin Theory had to take the stage, smash it, and shoot instant heat like a microwave oven in central Texas.

You see, Theory is the Money in the Bank briefcase, which means he has the right to take advantage of Lesnar or Roman Reigns after their Last Man Standing match at Slam summer. While there’s no guarantee he’ll actually make the briefcase, as either half-strength man may still be too much for the heavyweight specialist, that doesn’t mean that the Atlanta native isn’t going to relish his current opportunity or forget about the deep grudges he has.

One of those grudges is against Lesnar, who at Extreme Rules, delivered a particularly vicious beatdown on the then newly minted RAW superstar and ended with the F5-ing “The Beast Incarnate” theory from the top of the bedroom and leaving him for dead.

Oof, that looks brutal indeed.

Lesnar, take notes, you have two people who really want to pin you to SummerSlam, not just one.

Sharon D. Cole