The scene of Amy who went too far in the Big Bang Theory

Although Amy seems to cherish her relationship with “Penny’s Posse” (the name given to the Penny-Bernadette-Amy friendship group on “The Big Bang Theory”), she sometimes puts her personal interests above what her friends care about. need or want . In addition to her sometimes stifling friendship with Penny, she can be very self-centered around Bernadette at times. This trait usually helps round out one’s character, but it can also be annoying at times.

During Season 5, Bernadette and Howard begin planning their wedding. Penny and Amy are an integral part of this process. Amy is even named maid of honor. What promises to be a joyful occasion becomes a day when Amy nuptials Bernadette all around her and her desire to be seen as important and worthy. When she learns that Bernadette and Howard are forgoing the grand ceremony and pushing back the wedding date before he travels to Russia on a NASA mission that will see him spend months on the International Space Station, Amy reacts badly and becomes a nuisance instead of helping Bernadette.

The situation comes to a head during a particular scene in season 5, episode 24, “The Countdown Reflection.” Amy shows up at Bernadette and Howard’s wedding at the town hall wearing a tiara and her bridesmaid dress. She is candid about her anger at not being able to participate in a big wedding. She does not hide her annoyance at being forced to attend a small-scale wedding, which in turn encourages her to be rude. When the ceremony is postponed due to the number of people in front of them, Amy decides to offer her services to the other waiting couples in case they need a bridesmaid.

Sharon D. Cole