The Pineapple Theory celebrates its 2nd anniversary

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The Pineapple Theory - Discover your life and leadership philosophy

The Pineapple Theory – Discover your life and leadership philosophy

Mr. Pineapple cultivates a continuum of pineapple growth!

When you are inspired, you become inspiring.

-Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

LONGUEUIL, QUEBEC, CANADA, October 23, 2022 / — The goal of The Pineapple Theory is to help humans live together on Earth happier. Theoretically, what if adding a pineapple to people’s lives could help achieve this goal?

“When life gives you lemons, sell them and buy a pineapple!”

For years Mr Pineapple felt crushed like a lemon by the washout of multiple corporate culture, multiple emotional sinners, and how the majority of society chooses to act and speak from their thoughts, not owning them because the majority look around instead of looking within. The most extreme become slaves to their negative emotions. All of them become emotional illusions with life and time resulting in many getting lost, forgetting themselves, because of the methodology of their choice, causing many to forget that they are, in life, positively the solution .

When Mr. Pineapple saw this through the emotional illusions of life and time like an eagle, he sold his lemons and bought a pineapple! Since then, Mr. Pineapple has been cultivating the Pineapple Theory by helping humans with their philosophy of life and leadership and improving their inner foundation with easy-to-use life principles acting like power tools with the attempt to make sense of it. to the world with intelligence – reasoning – and positive emotions. It also helps to better understand life and humans emotionally, because positive emotions inside are positive emotions around. Life has positive and negative forces, and they must remain in balance. It’s a philosophy traceable back to the Daily of the 14th century BC, everyone has the freedom to do whatever it takes, even if no one is watching. In the illusions of life and time, it becomes important for humans to keep balance on their foundation. Balanced on their foundation, you never get lost, you never forget yourself. It is a return to oneself.

“Pineapples don’t grow with magic beans and neither do you.”

Launched 2 years ago, Mr. Pineapple has been growing with the goal of helping humans live happier lives on Earth, together. Without being limited to, several achievements should be highlighted:

The milestone of 120,000 combined followers on LinkedIn and Instagram has been reached.

Attendance at the first two book fairs in 2022.

Fueling the SEO for which, The Pineapple Theory is all over Google’s search engine, as well as #thepineappletheory on social media.

Daily is an inspiration to Mr. Pineapple and he writes between 250 and 500 words a day. As a result, more than 100,000 words have been shared for free on his blog and LinkedIn, without recycling a single article and text because everyone deserves a new portion of pineapple to reflect with positive energy on what surrounds them, on a daily basis. .

Mr. Pineapple supports and speaks on behalf of the nonprofit Engineers of Tomorrow, with the goal of helping young Pineapples become our future problem solvers by sharing better stories, every day.

Mr. Pineapple has an ambitious plan underway to travel the world with his pineapple. Yes, he travels the cities with a real pineapple to see and learn about the landmarks of several countries to trigger several inspirations to share with everyone to support the goal of The Pineapple Theory. In 2022, London (UK), Athens (GR) and Frankfurt (DE) hosted Mr. Pineapple. For 2023, The Pineapple Theory is proud to confirm that Mr. Pineapple will travel to Tokyo (Japan), Cairo (EG), and more to be announced.

“It’s all about people with Mr. Pineapple!”

For humans, living happier together is a complex recipe. The Pineapple Theory is therefore proud to harvest additional services by supporting the services/products of entrepreneurs/freelancers that can be added to its recipe.

First announced is The Pineapple Theory mentorship now available with Mr. Pineapple as well as speaking service at conferences. In addition, a new TPT book will soon be harvested!

Mr. Pineapple makes a Human-2-Human (H2H) connection before talking business. Relationships are thus built with respect for each person’s values ​​and the desire to accompany someone with a lot of attention. For each country he visits, Mr. Pineapple establishes an H2H with a local freelance photographer. They become official photographer of the TPT and are recommended to all.

The second announcement is now officially available in The Pineapple Theory eStore, an exclusive 50%-60% discount for a photo shoot in the studio or in town with Hozir Sahdat for London (UK), Annie Langlois for Montreal ( Quebec, Canada), Marc Maria for Berlin (DE), and more to be announced in 2023. These freelance photographers will provide you with their art inspired by what inspires them the most: YOU!

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Third announcement, TPT confirms its collaboration with Legal shield.

Legal Shield services have been available to everyone for over 45 years in North America and the UK. For a low fixed monthly fee, Legal Shield provides the ability to speak to a lawyer about personal, family, or business matters without worrying about the high hourly cost, because Legal Shield’s goal is to serve, not to bill. There are 101 reasons why Legal Shield is a smart choice for legal assistance for peace of mind. Worry less and live more. Be positively curious and find out why 1.8 million people signed up for Legal Shield. Contact Sid Singh, legal shield expert at The Pineapple Theory, to learn more.

Other collaborations are cultivated and announced in 2023. Be positively curious with The Pineapple Theory and be positively the solution to live happier, together.

“The Earth is more beautiful than we think. Imagine how beautiful it would be if we all interacted positively on it! » Steve “Mr. Pineapple” Mathieu

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