The Lincoln Lawyer season 1, episode 4 recap – “Chaos Theory”


Lincoln’s lawyer the characters are entertaining, but the story just kills time with each passing episode.

This recap of Season 1, Episode 4 of Netflix’s The Lincoln Lawyer, “Chaos Theory”, contains spoilers.

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Lincoln’s lawyer summary of season 1, episode 4

Yeah, so when Mick was sending two bullets through the door and one bullet into the floor, it turns out Detective Griggs was the one who set it all up. The picture he showed her the other day? A guy, probably a Griggs cop. It was meant to scare Mick, not goad him into shooting them, and get our Lincoln attorney running to the cops with the files at hand. He upsets Griggs because if he doesn’t tell him what they have about the investigation into Jerry’s murder, he’ll run to his boss. Unfortunately, they don’t know much. They know he got calls from the FBI the week before, making him an informant or the target of a federal investigation.

Mick and the Griggs have a plan in place to lure out the man who took the briefcase. He tells the media that most of the files were stolen from Jerry’s briefcase, but saved on a hard drive. The only problem with that is that Mick calls Griggs in the car and discusses the bait attempt in the Lincoln we saw bugged at the end of the second episode. One last thing, before he goes to meet Wyms, he has another Jerry business. A man named Scales defrauded people by creating a fake cancer charity. He wants to repay Mick (and his debts) with his hacker skills, but Mick tells him no. Something tells me Scales will help with the Elliott case at some point.

Back at the office, they change cars. Yes, Mick, showing disloyalty to his Lincoln, leaves it as bait and switches to a Mazda sedan, then an expensive little Italian thing Cisco borrowed from Lorna. They go to meet Carlin, Jerry’s old PI, but he is scared. He says he saw Haller being followed. Cisco says it can’t be them. Cisco then thinks there might be a bug and finds one in the Lincoln. Mick tells her to leave it so they can use it later.

And back to Wyms. When Haller meets him at the behavioral hospital, the former military sniper refuses to talk unless Mick gets him out of there. He also makes an excellent point. Why would he attack a cop at close range when he could shoot him from hundreds of yards away. Haller then uses Scales, a former Army technician, to sit in his wheelchair wearing his old camouflages at his kid’s soccer game because the prospector trying out Wyms is there. Mick goes on a charm offensive, how Wyms was a decorated war hero and will put the entire military-industrial complex on trial (uh, okay). Mick gives it a year, but the problem is that Wyms has no idea about the Elliott case. All he knows is that his wife kicked him out of the house, got drunk, and woke up when cops arrested him, all a few miles from the murder scene.

The end

Two police officers catch Bruce Carlin. They needed him alive, but when he got out of the car with his hands up, he ran back into oncoming traffic and was killed.

Maggie’s only witness in her trial against a slumman has been killed. Unfortunately, she told their daughter about the crime scene and Hayley got out of the car and found the body. When she calls Mick to cry on her shoulder, you know, nature takes its course. They are about to kiss when Maggie walks away. Mick leaves and goes to a group meeting for drug addicts, and meets Izzy there.

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Sharon D. Cole