The Conversation with Friends Cast Discussing the Complexities of Unconventional Relationships

Exploring Modern Relationships

Relationships are messy and complicated and the series relishes the complexity of modern dating. “I hope you can feel it in the show that he kind of seems to enjoy the mess and the complexity of the situation and the love,” Alwyn says. “Sally explores ideas that, [and] I’ve said it before, can find love and happiness outside of the conventional relationships we’ve created for each other, whether it’s friendships, families, or couples.

The 31-year-old British actor and Grammy winner explains that the book and the TV series are not perfectly linked but left open, which appealed to him. “It feels like a very modern love story. I felt that when I was reading the book at the time, and it sort of answers those questions and opens up all those ideas without landing on an answer or some kind of say, at the end of the day, it has to be this or it has to be that. It’s pretty open-ended at the end of the day, which feels appropriate,” he says. “I think it’s really interesting the idea of ​​love and happiness, and how you can love more than one person.”

Lane, 26, who made his debut with an independent film American honey, agrees that it is an honest exploration of the interaction, which drew her to the story. “It’s a bit messy because it’s about marriages, friendships. It’s about crossing lines and blurring lines,” she explains. “[Sally Rooney] written about anxiety, loneliness and insecurities – you get all of these things by involving romances in relationships, whether it’s friendship or just interest [in someone] or think that [they are] the love of your life. It’s a very real and honest way to show people that they interact and care for someone or think they care about someone. It’s intriguing to me.

The series does not give a morally right or wrong answer to the relationships that unfold between the married couple and the students. Kirke, who has already gained a fanbase with his role in Girls, liked the idea that no single person is a victim of this. She pointed out that this show comes without any judgment.

“I think the story is about what is right and wrong, and what is generally seen as wrong without being questioned and challenged,” she explains. “Because everyone has conflicting feelings about it in itself, about things that are socially accepted or not, like business or being in love outside of your marriage. This story does not paint a picture of a relationship being bad or good. I don’t know if that makes anyone root for them or not. We just observe how a relationship can affect everyone involved and there is no judgment about it. Everyone is behaving really, really badly. So it’s hard to see anyone as a victim here, which I think will be interesting for people.

Sharon D. Cole