The Boys season 3 reveal about Homelander’s father also hints at fan theory about his mother

The last episode of The boys revealed a massive twist that no one saw coming. The episode saw Soldier Boy reveal something that will have Homelander in his feelings now. It also creates an exciting showdown for the finale which airs next week.

The boys so far, Homelander’s parents have been very tight-lipped. They revealed where it came from, but even then, that explanation seemed very wrong, considering it’s Vought. With the recent episode giving us our best answer yet on who her father is, let’s also take a look at fan theories about her mother.

Warning: spoilers for episode 7 of The Boys will follow

Soldier Boy was revealed to be Homelander’s father in The boys season 3: Now, who is his mother?

#The boys spoilers….homelander and soldier boy are father and son they are so fucked up omg

The boys season 3 brought a new twist to the series, which will lead to many complications and make Homelander crazier. With episode seven ending, it’s revealed that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father, making their confrontation even more awkward last week.

With Homelander now revealed to be Soldier Boy’s son, we can get a sense of why he was created. Of course, the two are almost similar in their power levels, so there’s a Vought conspiracy going on here.

In the second season of The boys, it was revealed that Homelander was made in a lab to be the perfect Supe. So, sure, Vought was playing God here, but now it makes more sense. However, if Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father, who exactly is his mother? For a long time, fan theories have hinted that Stormfront was his mother.

The reveal that Homelander is Soldier Boy’s son was pretty predictable, there are plenty of clues the writers have shown that you can simply piece together. But man, all I can think of is the fact that they both share the same daughter, Liberty and Stormfront… #The boys

In the comics, Homelander is made to be a clone of Stormfront. In the show, Stormfront is further revealed to be one of the first supes to receive the Compound-V injection. We also know that Soldier Boy was one of the premier supes of all time, so something may be hinting here.

In the comics, Stormfront is male and was gender-swapped for the Amazon series. With how much the show has changed things from the comics, it makes sense that they’re the ones approaching Homelander as a Stormfront clone.

so either the homelander is the boy soldier’s son or something else!!

It would also work in Homelander’s Oedipus complex, as the supe has shown tendencies to be attracted to Madelyn Sitwell, a mother figure in his life. He also had a romance with Stormfront in season two, which would lead directly into this. However, we don’t know if this fan theory could come true, given that Stormfront dies this season.

The relationship between Homelander and Soldier Boy from the comics is also changed. They turn out to be rivals who are seemingly related to each other, whereas in the comics they meet every year at Herogasm to… well, it’s Herogasm, y’all know what we’re talking about here.

Anyway, we’ll find out more about the truth in the season finale for The boys season 3 broadcast next week.

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