The Big Bang Theory Raises Questions That Need to Be Asked, Says Scientist Dr. Richard Ruhling

WILMINGTON, NC, Sept. 07, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — While the media and some scientists describe the universe as beginning with a “Big Bang,” others aren’t so sure. In a recent article on Yahoo, an 8-year-old asked how this could be because explosions destroy everything. Scientists have put men on the moon, but that doesn’t mean they know how she got there, Ruhling says, asking further questions:

“Given how scientists differ among themselves, increasing or decreasing the Earth’s development by millions of years, their theory requires answers to a few questions,” Ruhling says.

1. If the earth exploded from the sun, how did it get an atmosphere with just the right mix of oxygen for life?

2. How did the earth come to orbit the sun at the right distance so as not to fry or freeze?

3. How did the earth develop a rotation so that one side is not cooked while the other side is still dark?

4. How did water, so necessary for life, cover most of the earth after exploding from the sun?

5. If the earth exploded from our sun, did the moon explode from the earth? Jupiter & Saturn with 80, 83 moons?

6. Where is the crater where our moon came from?

7. None of these questions begin to answer how life began – with random activity in a primordial soup?

8. Some scientists say that a jumbo jet is more likely to have originated from an explosion in a junk yard than from higher life forms.

9. For atoms to form molecules which form amino acids which form tissues which form various organs, one wonders how it all happened in an almost impossible sequence. Famous atheist, Anthony Flew, PhD, by considering the complexity of the DNA molecule, came to believe in God.

10. Have all systems evolved at the same rate so that the eyes can see plant life evolve to eat, and the digestive enzymes can break it down, and the intestines absorb the nutrients delivered by the blood to the cells and have need insulin? How did the heart get the blood vessels when it was ready to pump and did we develop kidneys (one of the most complex organs) to get rid of liquid waste and intestines for solid waste. Did men evolve along with women so that the race could continue with childbirth, and where did the uterus come from and at the right time? “The fool has said in his heart that there is no God. »

11. Are we so eager to believe that we come from apes that we act like apes without being accountable to God?

12. Man’s inability to theorize a spirit greater than his own and his unwillingness to be accountable to the Source of Life could exclude him from a destiny beyond this life.

13. Isaiah 45 named Cyrus 100 years before he was born and told how he would conquer Babylon when two river gates were left open for Cyrus’ army to enter without loss of life. Cyrus was so impressed with the God of Israel that he freed Israel and helped pay for their return to their homeland; something Muslims might consider to defuse terrorism.

14. Intelligent design from the smallest atom to the largest solar system requires belief in a designer.

15. The refusal to recognize God and give him value (vessel) has resulted in words of depravity from some atheists in the face of death.

Richard Ruhling, a retired medical doctor, has two other science degrees. He offers a book, MegaQuake 2023, How 3 Timelines and 7 Events Signal Apocalyptic Times. He offers confirmatory signs before the event when, to be protected, we will need faith to conform to the Scriptures. “Without faith it is impossible to please [God].” Heb 11:6.

Ruhling’s CBS radio interview is posted on YouTube, His book is on Amazon He suggests clicking “Look Inside” to read before you buy.

About Dr. Richard Ruhling:

After training in internal medicine and board certification, Ruhling earned a cardiology fellowship before teaching at the Loma Linda School of Public Health. Attending a cardiology convention, he heard Pritikin report how a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet reversed heart disease and allowed 85% of patients to stop their diabetes and blood pressure medications. Ruhling developed a Total Health Seminar to help people with positive lifestyle changes avoid high-risk pharmaceutical alternatives and are in excellent health by age 80. He can be contacted to talk about corporate medical cost containment or by churches wishing to consider an alternative to the abduction theory. It says the rapture is “at the last trumpet” (1Cor 15:52) and 7 trumpets come after the earthquake in Rev 8:5,6. Ruhling’s book, MegaQuake 2023, supports these events from 2023. His seminar for churches on the Parables of Marriage offers another view.

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