The Big Bang Theory Quiz: Did Leonard Say It?

The Big Bang Theory began its triumphant march around the planet in 2007 and instantly captivated audiences around the world. It was distinguished from other sitcoms by atypical characters who understood the more complex issues of physics and popular culture, but at the same time struggled to adapt to social environments. Their bathroom even had a periodic table curtain! However, Leonard Hofstadter was a character who often wavered over the more normal aspects of life.

Originally from New Jersey, Leonard lived and worked in Pasadena at the California Institute of Technology, where he studied applied physics. He is easily the most socially adaptable member of the guys as he is more in touch with his feelings and has worked to communicate effectively.

Over the years, Leonard has had quite a few emotional breakthroughs, particularly involving his mother, Penny, and Sheldon. From poking fun at himself to his ambiguous remarks to Sheldon, Leonard had fans cracking up in laughter. But the question we have for today is, how well do you remember the Hofstadter? Specifically, his quotes. Can you guess if the following quotes were spoken by him or not?

Sharon D. Cole