The Agent Smith Fan Theory That Will Blow Matrix Fans’ Minds

The character with the strongest case as humanity’s savior is none other than Agent Smith, brilliantly directed by Hugo Weaving. Although it may seem crazy at first, the evidence is quite compelling. As a video from film theory, while Neo is able to do things like fly or fight like a super-soldier, there’s not a lot of matrix manipulation with this guy. Smith, meanwhile, goes into full virus mode, changing things at will and assimilating the locals.

As for being a male born in the matrix, Neo was actually born in a pod and appears around the sixth iteration, according to the architect, as Smith suggests to Morpheus in the first movie that he exists. from the beginning. In this interrogation scene with Morpheus, Smith shows very human characteristics, unlike the other programs. He unmistakably rebels (a quality of The One) when he removes his headset, disconnecting his communication with the system he is supposed to protect. He then goes on to discuss smell and taste, attributes that only a living thing would likely know or think of using to make a point.

And then there’s the element of prophecy that involves going back to the source to reset the Matrix. Neo achieves this goal, but the end result only occurs after being assimilated by Smith. Could this have been the plan all along, with a few white lies leading the right people (including the real one) down the right rabbit holes to get a needed outcome?

Sharon D. Cole