Telarus to partners: “Where there is complexity, there is scope”

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The telecom services broker sees its agent partners making a monumental shift in their businesses to include advanced IT solutions, such as SASE, cloud and cybersecurity services in their portfolios. Telarus is supporting those partners with financial assistance, executives told CRN.

Dan Foster, Chief Revenue Officer of Telarus

Solution providers have made a ‘massive’ pivot over the past few years as they tackle the rapidly changing trend of the digital workplace with advanced and mission-critical IT solutions, a move that is paying off in terms of new revenue opportunities for partners, Telarus executives say.

Ninety percent of the services sold by Telarus partners six years ago were network-related services. By comparison, in 2021, 60% of services sold by partners were advanced solutions, including cloud, mobility, IoT and security services, the telecom services broker said at its annual Partner Summit. Wednesday in Salt Lake City.

“Where there is complexity, there is leeway,” Dan Foster, Telarus chief revenue officer, said during his keynote.


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And the partners answer the call.

Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC), a Cincinnati, Ohio-based solutions provider specializing in voice, networking, cloud and cybersecurity, leveraged Telarus resources and access to new vendors to develop its business, said David Goodwin, ATC’s managing partner and co-founder.

ATC has been selling voice and networking since its beginnings in 1999, but the business has necessarily evolved and expanded to include cloud and cybersecurity solutions, the company’s fastest growing business, Goodwin said. Networking has evolved from MPLS and dedicated Internet to SD-WAN and SASE, and voice now includes more complex offerings such as contact center as a service (CCaaS).

“CCaaS isn’t something we’ve done a lot of in the past few years, but we have a number of significant opportunities in our pipeline right now and over the past two years we’ve seen more of them and they’re starting to get really big,” he said. “These are also very complex transactions, so it gives us an opportunity to shine because not everyone has that knowledge.

Ruben Pina, director and president of A1 BizCom, a San Antonio-based solutions provider, likens adding new services to your portfolio to buying a car. The process once involved going to a dealership for the vehicle, but then purchasing other services, such as window tinting and an audio system, from different vendors. Now car dealerships sell the car, built-in satellite radio and GPS, optional tinting services, and more, Pina said.

“They get that revenue from a buyer who is already there and trusts them,” he said. “And because you already trust me, let me bring you those other services that I know you’re going to need.” It’s really the same concept. [The customer] going to buy those other services from someone, so that’s where the margin is made. »

Regardless of the underlying technology – whether it’s MPLS or SASE – customers look to their trusted partners to help them make IT decisions based on their changing needs, said Adam Edwards, CEO and co-founder of Telarus, to CRN.

The ability to act quickly and support customers is essential and this is where Telarus wants to invest. The telecommunications service broker is now helping its partners grow their business with educational resources on new technologies, as well as funding assistance, Edwards said.

“Building up recurring revenue can take years. We thought if we could speed this up by pumping money into the [partners‘] hands so they can invest it, it would be good for them and good for us,” he said.

Telarus’ loan program has been in place for a while for partners who want to expand into new areas and take a more hands-on approach with their customers, Edwards said.

“We’re interested in partners who want to keep growing their business, but look and say, ‘Hey, I want to reinvest in my business and keep running.’ That’s what we’ve done a lot over the last year and a half – a lot of those transactions,” he said.

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