Starscourge Radahn Is Elden Ring’s Most Misunderstood Hero (Theory)

Starscourge Radahn of Elden Ring may look like a traitor, but in reality, he may be the only thing defending the lands between celestial beings.

Starscourge Radahn may have lost his mind at the time of Ring of Elden, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a Lands Between hero. The demigod son of Rennala and Radagon, Radahn was once hailed as one of the world’s most feared warriors before embarking on the dark path of madness that would eventually claim him. However, certain objects, characters, and locations in the game suggest that he retains an even more impressive potential title through it all: he is one of the most feared warriors in the entire universe.

[Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Elden Ring.]

This idea is indicated by his nickname, “Starscourge”. Although a member of the Carian family, Radahn chose not to study the stars themselves, but instead focused on an entirely different school: Gravity Sorcery. Gravity-based sorceries come from the Alabaster and Onyx Lords, whose weapon descriptions confirm they are elf-like creatures that crash-landed in Ring of Elden‘s Lands Between of space, and Radahn used the magic of these celestial beings to stop the motion of the stars. In turn, the power of the various schools of sorcery was affected due to their affiliation with the stars. The Carian and moon-bound sorceries that Rennala and Ranni use were particularly influenced by this. This makes Radahn’s intentions secretly political. He weakens House Carian, was a big fan of Godfrey of the Golden Order, and would later attempt to claim the Royal Capital after the Shattering. Thus, it seems that Radahn wished to weaken those around him to claim the Elden Ring.


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The story of Radahn’s star-flagellation seems to have been erased by the timeline of Ring of Elden on the way out, however. Radahn was infected with Scarlet Rot by Malenia during their fight, which has since driven him insane. Now, the former great star fighter and his long and complex history have been shattered, as Radahn worries only about where his next meal will come from and which Terni will challenge him next. However, the meteor that crashes into Limgrave after his defeat by the Terni shows that beneath Radahn’s animalistic exterior exists a fierce defender of the Earths between alien beings.

What Ranni and the Nox wanted with the stars in Elden Ring

A figure standing in front of a city at night in Elden Ring

To understand why it’s likely that Radahn was protecting the Lands Between from celestial beings, one must first know about Nox and Ranni’s purposes with the Dark Moon. Ranni asks the Terni to defeat Radahn specifically to enter Nokron, one of the Eternal Cities of Nox, in order to obtain the Fingerslayer Blade. This fetish is described as proof of the Nox’s blasphemy against the Golden Order, showing that they, like Ranni, wish to fight against the Great Will.

Indeed, Ranni shares a lot with the Nox people. The Nox strangely have a great admiration for the stars despite living deep underground. However, this affinity makes sense when visiting Nokron or Nokstella, as their false skies sparkle with stars. Even large scorpion-skeleton hybrid creatures that use Gravity Sorceries in these locations are called “Malformed Stars”. This invokes Ranni’s goal of creating a Star Age in which the Greater Will is replaced by the Dark Moon and the Outer Gods are kept out of the Middle Earths. Thus, the stars play an important role in the mission of Ranni and Nox, who are already similar in purpose.

But the most significant connection between Ranni and the Nox is the Dark Moon. The Nokstella Moon Talisman explains that the Nox worshiped this moon because it guided the stars. Ranni Ranni’s Dark Moon unique spell explains that she discovered this sorcery as a young child and it was “cold, dark and veiled in occult mystery. “This occult mystery is probably related to the Nox people and their eternal cities, as they were sealed underground long ago. Thus, the moon of Nokstella and the black moon are probably one and the same thing, and the age Ranni stars ending in Ring of Elden is probably what the Nox would have done if they had succeeded in defeating the Golden Order.

Why Radahn grabbed the stars in Elden Ring

Astel Naturalborn of the Void Elden Ring

With this information about the Eternal Cities and Ranni in mind, Radahn’s reason behind the stopping of star motions can be shed light on. While it’s unclear if Radahn had a personal vendetta against his sister, what is clear is that he feared celestial beings crashing into the Midlands. He was even willing to learn gravity magic from these creatures to prevent more from coming, which is confirmed by the immediate impact of a meteor in Limgrave after his death and the presence of an alabaster lord near from the crash site in the Weeping Peninsula. . Therefore, Radahn was also willing to get in the way of his sister and mother by stopping the movements of the stars.

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But Ring of Elden‘s Starscourge Radahn, boss status aside, may have also been trying to keep control of the aliens already in Mid-earth. One of the Nox Eternal Cities has been struck by a shooting star as punishment for their blasphemy. That shooting star was Astel, Naturalborn of the Void. Astel is essentially a much larger and more powerful version of the malformed stars that also came from space in the Middle Earths. Although these beings posed a threat to the Nox and even destroyed what was supposed to be an Eternal City, they are kept deep beneath the surface of the Midlands due to the lack of entrances to Nokron and Nokstella. But thanks to Ranni, they – and other aliens like Falling Star Beasts – now have the ability to find their way to the surface.

Thus, Radahn halted the movement of stars that could prevent more malformed stars, shooting star beasts, and onyx and alabaster lords from crashing into the midlands and wreaking havoc. Stopping the stars not only helped in this mission because these creatures are stars themselves, but also because the Dark Moon guiding them was weakened by Radahn’s powers. And because it’s only until Ring of Eldenit is Radahn is defeated as the meteors begin to crash into the world, he seems to have continued to protect the Lands Between even in his madness.

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