Star Wars Theory: Cad Bane Lives, But Should He?

In the Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett finale, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a hint that Cad Bane might still be alive, but should he be?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of Boba Fett’s Book “Chapter 7: In the Name of Honor,” streaming now on Disney+.

Boba Fett’s BookThe finale of has aired, and fans are starting to theorize what’s next for the characters. Surprisingly, there are many theories surrounding a character who appears to have been killed off in the finale. Many viewers think Cad Bane lives on and they will see him again very soon. The theory that he lives, however, has sparked another debate: should he live? If he is not dead, Bane becomes another character who star wars refuses to kill.

When Boba Fett and Cad Bane finally faced off, Boba emerged victorious and rammed his gaffi stick into Bane’s chest. While it might seem like a definite death, some fans think they’ve spotted a clue that leads them to believe Cad Bane may have survived. If he is alive and well, what future does the legendary bounty hunter have in the star wars universe?

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Some Star Wars Fans Believe Cad Bane Lives

Cad Bane is a beloved figure in the star wars universe due to its role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The show was where it was introduced and solidified as one of Star Wars’ the biggest badass. When he first appeared in live action on Boba Fett’s Book fans were thrilled. They were finally going to see Boba and Cad Bane face off in the western style, like in an old defeated scene of Clone Wars. And while that happened, it resulted in Bane’s death. Fans were deeply upset; they had waited so long for him to be in live action, only to have him killed almost immediately. Or was he killed? Some viewers believe he is still alive due to flashing lights on his chest.

When Cad Bane is seen earlier, the electronic device above his heart has no lights or indicators on it. After Boba Fett stabs him, the device powers up. Some fans think it’s a heart monitor that alerts Cad Bane’s famous droid sidekick, Todo, to come rescue him. Some viewers also believe that Cad Bane was stabbed in one of his lungs rather than his heart, meaning his breathing tubes would sustain him until Todo arrived. Although this theory makes a lot of assumptions, it is not entirely impossible.

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Cad Bane’s Survival Could Hurt Star Wars

Boba Fett kills Cad Bane

The big question is: Should Cad Bane survive? He’s an incredibly cool character with an intimidating screen presence. Watching him interact with Boba will always be a treat for fans. From a storytelling perspective, however, keeping Cad Bane alive cheapens Boba’s experience in The Boba Fett Book. With Cad Bane’s murder, Boba symbolically kills his former self. Bane was tied to who he was, arguably his worst memory from that time in his life. By finally conquering Bane, he is able to rise above the ruthless killer he once was and fully assume the role of daimyo of Tatooine.

Bringing Cad Bane back to life can also spoil the shock of future deaths of major characters. Although Boba Fett falls into the same category, it’s hard for a series to use the same maneuver over and over again and not leave fans constantly expecting every dead character to come back to life. Mace Windu is another example of this problem. Windu was killed in Revenge of the Sith, he had his arm cut off and was thrown from a building that was hundreds of miles in the air. Yet, fans are still expecting him to be brought back to life.

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Character deaths must be satisfying

Boba Fett's Book

Bane’s survival could lead to a Boba-Bane rematch if there’s a second season of Boba Fett’s Bookor even in season 3 of The Mandalorian. If he’s dead, Bane could still appear in past content like Andor, Kenobi, or in The bad batch. His death in Boba Fett’s Book doesn’t mean fans won’t ever see him again in other parts of the world. star wars universe. Sometimes letting a character die is best for the story. While it can be difficult to appreciate the death of a beloved character, it can be satisfying to have a conclusion to their story. The problem occurs when fans don’t feel like a character’s death was necessary or deserved. While Cad Bane’s live appearances were short, his lifespan in star wars had been very long and it was perhaps time for the character to rest.

Boba Fett’s Book delivered Cad Bane to live action, but ended in his controversial death. Fans and critics have been split on the show and can’t decide whether they like it or not. By bringing Bane back to life, the show might gain some goodwill from some fans, but it would take away from the story the show just finished telling.

The first season of Boba Fett’s Book is streaming now on Disney+.

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