Splatoon 3’s Li’l Judd Performs Grizzco Theory Explained

Spoilers for Splatoon 3 main story contentGrizzco Industries came to the Splatoon series in Game 2 and continued his presence in Splaton 3. The industry recruits Inklings and Octolings to make Salmon Runs, which collects salmon eggs for a character known as Mr. Grizz. What is done with the salmon roe is unknown, but players have had many theories. Most assumed that Mr. Grizz ate the eggs since he was a bear, but there were also theories that he was actually human. Splaton 3, addressed some of these rumors, but the responses have spawned even more theories, the most prominent being related to the possibility of Li’l Judd being the new CEO of Grizzco.


In Splaton 3, Mr. Grizz and Grizzco Industries were involved in the main story, and Mr. Grizz himself makes an appearance as the final boss. It is revealed that Mr. Grizz is indeed a grizzly bear on a mission to turn every living creature into a Splaton 3 in a mammal. To see his plan come to fruition, he needed salmon eggs as a secret ingredient to turn molluscs into mammals, which led him to create Grizzco Industries in the first place. Being the final boss of the story mode, Mr. Grizz is defeated by the user character, eventually ending up on a rocket in space which explodes. However, Grizzco Industries is still going strong even in Mr. Grizz’s absence. For a variety of reasons, fans are beginning to suspect Li’l Judd may have taken over.

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Evidence that Li’l Judd may have taken over Grizzco

There is compelling evidence that Grizzco Industries was taken over by Li’l Judd. Most importantly, Li’l Judd wears a helmet after the player defeats Mr. Grizz. This helmet likely connects to the Grizzco radio which recruits and orders players to obtain salmon eggs. Additionally, Li’l Judd has a special deck in tabletop battles. He uses a Salmon Run-themed sleeve and all of his cards are salmonid-type except for his own character card.

The evidence has convinced many players of the theory that Li’l Judd is basically the new Mr. Grizz. The second most likely possibility is that Mr. Grizz’s radio is completely prerecorded, so it would still work after Mr. Grizz’s death. However, that doesn’t explain why Li’l Judd uses a game of salmonids and his helmet suddenly after completing the main story. As for why Li’l Judd would want to take over Grizzco, there are a variety of reasons, all related to his history as a clone.

What Li’l Judd Running Grizzco May Mean

Li’l Judd only appeared Splaton 2, and always represents the “bad guys” team in Territory Battles. Little is known about him outside of what the sunken scrolls revealed, but what they shared is fascinating. The Sunken Scrolls share that Judd’s original owner, a human, cryogenically froze Judd and then made a clone of him to keep his owner company in the future. This clone is Li’l Judd.

More information about Li’l Judd has been revealed outside of the games. Nintendo once tweeted out a relationship chart which mentioned that Li’l Judd suffers from an inferiority complex due to being a clone of Judd. The official art book of Splaton 2 also mentions that Li’l Judd hopes to one day betray Judd. Same Splaton 3 reinforced these facts, with Sunken Scroll 23 depicting the preparations Li’l Judd is making to one day assassinate his predecessor.

With this information, it seems likely that Li’l Judd might have plans for Grizzco. He can see a way to no longer live in Judd’s shadow. Grizzco seems to have a ton of resources, and Li’l Judd could use those resources for his own nefarious plans. He may still wish to assassinate Judd, or now that he has Grizzco, may have another cooking plan. If the theories around Li’l Judd are correct, the devs might be thinking about Splaton 4 with his character and Grizzco.

Splaton 3 is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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