Scrubs Theory JD, Dr Cox and Dr Kelso are the same

Scrubs is a hilarious hospital series that doesn’t hurt, but one theory ties three of the most unlikely doctors to one person.

Of all the medical shows that have hit the small screen, none has managed to balance humor and drama better than Scrubs. From the first to the last episode, the adventures of JD and his colleagues at Sacred Heart Hospital are filled with touching moments and others that can crush a person’s soul. However, these characters continue to stand up and point because they know saving lives is more important than anything else. However, a new theory hints at a commonality with three of the show’s most unlikely characters.

According to Reddit user theory, MNM0412, JD, Dr. Cox and Dr. Kelso are the same person. That said, they are not the same in the literal sense. Instead, they represent how something like the medical system can affect a doctor from the early years of their career until they reach retirement age. Ironically, these three doctors show all the stages of this system in their purest form, but although they are all good people at heart, their choices and experiences change them in a darker way. thing.

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For starters, JD depicts a doctor’s early years and how their desire to save lives often outweighs the harsh reality that comes with life. Time and time again, JD will attempt to beat fate and hold a miracle when the reality is that not all patients can be saved. As a result, he learns difficult lessons at the most unexpected times. However, as the years pass, JD also becomes wiser, and while he hasn’t lost his spark, the caution and skepticism he has acquired from his superiors begins to set in.

This same caution is exemplified most with Dr. Cox. From the moment he is introduced, Dr. Cox is sarcastic and straight to the point, but it takes the audience a while to figure out why. While it sounds off-putting (and it can be), the reality is that, aside from his family life, the honeymoon phase of his career has worn off. Now he can see that hospitals and medicine are still business, and saving lives isn’t as high a priority as it should be.

As a result, he’ll just run with Dr. Kelso, who runs Sacred Heart, and he’ll leave no stone unturned to save a single patient. Compared to Kelso and JD, Dr. Cox is a mixture of stark realism and the silver lining that maybe everyone he meets can still be saved.

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Although there are no real villains in Scrubs, Dr. Kelso is the closest the series has to an antagonist. He also represents the last stage of the medical system, being a person responsible for saving lives but ensuring the efficiency of his hospital, because the balance between these responsibilities is crucial.

There are times when Dr. Kelso will have to make a difficult choice, sacrificing one life to ensure countless others can be saved. He is no longer the wide-eyed resident or the rebellious doctor. Instead, he’s a jaded leader forced to make choices no one else can. Because of this, he puts on a mask that appears heartless when in reality he has a heart bigger than anyone.

As these three types of doctors interact, the theory takes on greater meaning as it shows three stages in a doctor’s life and three ways to approach a situation. Although neither of them always makes the right decision, there is always something they learn from each other, which is perhaps why they keep fighting even if the system brings them down. Even Dr. Cox ends up taking Dr. Kelso’s position, further confirming the cycle, but in the end, no matter the mentality, Scrubs shows that what’s most important is how its stars deal with the difficult lives they’ve chosen.

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