Rick and Morty Fans Concocted a Spicy Theory About Golden Portals and Diane

According to a theory posted on Reddit by u/4th variety, Rick’s ex-wife Diane could be the show’s next big villain now that the finished center curve is gone. Pointing out that Diane doesn’t seem to exist in any of the universes we’ve seen so far, the Redditor hypothesizes that the universes inside the central curve are all universes where Rick got rid of Diane. If true, that would mean that the universes outside the curve contain infinite Dianes, all of whom are infinitely angry at Rick for abandoning them. (The Rick we’ve been following for six seasons, whose Diane was killed by a rogue Rick, may be an outlier, the theory posits.) The grim implication here would be that the necessary criteria for a Rick to be considered the most clever being in his universe is that he removes Diane from this universe.

If all of this is true, which is admittedly a big “if”, it suggests that Diane is the most intelligent being there is and probably the only threat Rick knows he can’t face. It also means that Evil Morty traveled to one of the universes that has a Diana and brought with him the portal technology needed to return to the finite central curve. In summary, as the creator of the theory said, “Diane is coming, she’s smarter than Rick and she’s crazy as hell.”

While this theory is unlikely to come true, it does address a potentially big plot hole in the series – namely, where are all of the infinite versions of Diane? After all, we’ve seen countless iterations of Rick and Morty. But if that turns out to be true, Diane would undoubtedly be the biggest enemy Rick could imagine.

Sharon D. Cole