Radical Gender Theory Begins in Kindergarten

A recent research paper titled Parents’ Perspectives on Inclusion of Gender and Sexual Diversity in K-12 Schooling: Findings from an Australian National Study published in the Sex education journal illustrates how gender theory is driven by a Marxist-inspired ideology.

The authors argue that Western societies like Australia are structurally and inherently heteronormative where LGBTIQ+ students are ‘mistreated’ and subject to ‘exclusion and discrimination’. Those who are not “heterosexual, cisgender, white, middle class, and male” are “positioned as abnormal, immoral, problematic, non-contributory, and even socially perilous.”

Such an argument can be traced to Marxist authors like Antonio Gramsci and Louise Althusser who argue that in Western societies like Australia, capitalist elites maintain power by privileging those who control and by oppressing and marginalizing all those who do not not conform.

As a consequence of this male-dominated capitalist hegemony, schools are “socio-cultural entities” made to promote cisgenderism – defined as “the idea that there are only two genders, that gender is determined on the basis assigned sex… and therefore the mistreatment of people on the basis of their sex is legitimate”.

This “culture of limitation,” the authors say, is associated with society’s “underlying racism, sexism, homophobia, and cisgenderism” that intersect with neoliberal, neoconservative, and patriarchal discourses that subjugate, limit, and marginalize. individuals and communities that do not correspond to dominant and normative tendencies. character’.

Unsurprisingly, the authors cite French philosopher Michael Foucault to support their argument that, in Western capitalist societies, the way people identify and interact is determined by power relations where those who are defined as others are still oppressed and marginalized.

Roger Scruton in Culture Matters criticizes this Foucauldian argument to suggest that “traditional conceptions of man, of the family, of sexual relations and of sexual morality, have no authority beyond the power which sustains them”. Defenders of Foucault argue that when it comes to beliefs, “there is no intrinsic validity to truth”, because what people feel and think are social constructs that need to be deconstructed and critiqued.

In addition to contradicting human biology, the radical theory of gender and sexuality denies the word of God. As Pope Benedict argued, “the words of the creation account: ‘Male and female he created them’ (Gn 1-27) no longer apply.’

Pope Francis in Amoris Laetitia also criticizes radical gender theory that “biological sex and the socio-cultural sex (gender) role can be distinguished but not separated” and “attempting to dissociate inseparable aspects of reality” is tantamount to being guilty of “trying to replace the Creator’.

Proved by the example of the Brisbane Christian Citipointe, where the school was attacked and the headmaster forced to resign for arguing that “God created human beings as biological men (boys) or biological women (girls)” , the power and dominance of radical gender and sexuality theory should never be underestimated.

Australian schools, especially state schools, are awash with neo-Marxist-inspired gender fluidity curricula. One example is a recent working paper informing a review of government guidelines for kindergartens and preschools that require teachers to impose radical gender theory on impressionable young minds.

The discussion paper argues that kindergarten children “have multiple and shifting identities” and, therefore, they need to be informed about “identity formation that encompasses gender identity and gender expression ( with a non-binary dichotomy) and family diversity”. Concepts that most adults have trouble understanding, let alone children aged 7 to 10.

A second example is the Internet Kids Helpline which also promotes radical gender theory. Instead of accepting that gender and sexuality are biologically determined, the Kids Helpline argues that “sexuality is about how you see and express yourself sexually – like who you have a crush on, who you want to date and who you want to have sexual experiences”. with.’

While gender fluidity programs like Safe Schools, where children learn that boys can be girls and girls can be boys, are justified as anti-bullying and a way to ensure LGBTIQ+ students are not not discriminated against, the reality is that these programs are Marxist-inspired and aimed at radically reshaping Western society, the family and the way individuals define themselves and relate to others.

As admitted by Roz Ward, one of the founders of the Safe Schools Gender and Sexuality Program, “Safe Schools Coalition is about supporting gender and sexual diversity, not ending bullying” . Ward also argues that “Marxism alone provides the theory and practice of true human liberation”.

Parents are the first educators and moral guardians of their children and international covenants and agreements protect their right to ensure that schools do not indoctrinate their children with ideas and beliefs contrary to what they hold to be true.

What is happening in Australian state and territory schools, whether nursery, pre-school or primary and secondary, is a direct attack on parents’ rights and a calculated campaign by Cultural Marxists to impose their ideology on young minds and destroying the family and a Christian view of sexuality and gender. It must be stopped.

Dr. Kevin Donnelly is a Principal Investigator at ACU’s PM Glyn Institute.

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Sharon D. Cole