Qumulo helps customers avoid the complexity of protecting unstructured data with its holistic approach to data security

Enhanced file data platform security posture with multi-layered protection and greater regulatory compliance

SEATTLE, November 10, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Qumulo, the radically simple way to manage petabyte-scale data anywhere, today announced the launch of the company’s new enterprise security initiative “Simply Secure”, a multi-layered approach designed to protect data across multiple points of vulnerability. Qumulo’s “Simply Secure” initiative is intended to help organizations minimize the risk of business interruption and protect their data from theft or loss with a comprehensive suite of security features that continue to grow stronger over the years. over time, all inclusive with their Qumulo® subscription, at no additional cost for future versions.

The unprecedented increase in cyberthreats over the past few years has dire consequences for businesses: multi-million dollar ransom payments, days or weeks of operational disruptions, and the potential loss of valuable data sets. . Additionally, cyberattacks that go public often leave permanent reputational damage behind. While most organizations understand and respect the risk of a poor security posture, many are out of cycles, time, and expertise to build adequate defenses around their unstructured data.

Qumulo meets customers anywhere – at the edge, core, and cloud – with a holistic approach to security, making it easy for customers to protect their data from ransomware attacks, data theft, and destruction of data. Qumulo not only helps customers ensure lightning-fast recovery, but also helps proactively detect and prevent anomalies, so organizations and end users can simply secure their sensitive data. Customers have access to every new security feature every two weeks, which is available through non-disruptive software upgrades, increasing the value of Qumulo clusters over time.

“Qumulo’s focus on radical simplicity means it’s taken an approach to security that makes it as easy as possible for customers to protect their data wherever it’s stored,” said Kiran Bhageshpur, CTO at Qumulo.

Qumulo is constantly developing new features and improving existing features to provide the most robust security possible. The most recent versions add five new layers to storage security for better data protection, including:

  • Shared VLAN isolation: Organizations can now use virtual local area networks (VLANs) to isolate the administrative interfaces of their file system clients, so that the general population of the network cannot reach the interfaces. This adds an extra guarantee of network protection, while helping to consolidate multiple use cases onto a single cluster, resulting in potential cost savings.

  • Single sign-on and access tokens: Cluster admins can now eliminate the need for sensitive user passwords when logging into the Qumulo admin UI or API, as user credentials are prime targets for theft by cyber attackers.

  • NFSv4.1 Kerberos authentication and encryption: All data is encrypted before being transmitted over networks, preventing any malicious actor who intercepts the data from understanding it in plain text.

  • Qumulo encryption Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 certification: Now, customers subject to FIPS requirements can maintain compliance and independently verify that Qumulo’s data-at-rest encryption meets the standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Customers who do not require FIPS certification can rest assured that their data is protected by the highest standards.

  • OpenMetrics API provides telemetry data to third-party monitoring and alerting systems, so organizations can proactively detect and quickly respond to anomalies that could disrupt operations, such as an attack in progress.

“Trust is mission critical when it comes to security,” said Kathy Ahuja, vice president of information security at Qumulo. “That’s why we’ve implemented a security posture with FIPS 140-2 accreditation and enhanced encryption that provides the highest level of protection for our cryptographic modules. Our customers know they can trust Qumulo with their data. And as cybercriminals continue to advance their own breach strategies, we are well prepared to continue improving our security measures to address and overcome the complexity of these attacks.”

For more information on Qumulo’s simple and secure data storage management solutions, visit Qumulo.com.


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