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Global security leader, Forcepoint, today launched Forcepoint ONE, the industry’s first “easy button” to secure businesses with a hybrid workforce. The all-in-one Forcepoint ONE cloud platform simplifies security for traditional and remote workers, enabling users to gain secure and controlled access to business information on the web, in the cloud and in private applications.

As organizations prepare for the realities of a post-pandemic world, one of the biggest concerns is responding to remote work cybersecurity issues. Work-from-home setups have allowed employees to use their own networks to perform tasks — and sometimes their own devices — which could present myriad risks. If they’re having technical issues, there’s not much IT can do for them.

Gartner recently surveyed organizations and found that 47% would allow employees to work remotely full-time once the pandemic is over. Additionally, 82% of organizations said employees could work from home at least once a week.

The 2021 Velocity Smart Technology Market Research Report found that 70% of remote workers experienced computer issues during the pandemic, and 54% waited up to three hours to resolve the issue.

These numbers probably only scratch the surface of the potential security breaches waiting to happen. Data security is therefore a critical issue that needs to be addressed now!

Bernadeth Restrivera, Product Manager, Forcepoint Pam Angeles, Forcepoint National Sales Manager, Brandon Tan, Director, Sales Engineering APAC

“The Philippines continues to rank among the top countries in social media and internet usage, making it an ideal setting for hyperscalers, infrastructure and telecommunications services. Earlier this year, a Singapore-based company announced that it would set up the largest utility-scale data center campus in the Philippines which would be located in Cainta, Rizal,” said Pam Angeles, Head of National Sales . “Data privacy is becoming increasingly important as the digital landscape evolves. The business value of data security is seen in several ways, such as reducing sales delays, mitigating losses from data breaches, promoting innovation, increasing efficiency, building trust with customers and the attractiveness of their business.

A simple solution.

If an organization offers remote work opportunities, it may have thought about implementing data security measures to protect sensitive information. The company may have successfully avoided a data breach, but one mistake can lead to a disastrous cyberattack that could cost millions.

Finding the right data security vendor can be daunting and overly technical, with various products (presented under different acronyms) promising data security at different levels. Businesses looking for a consolidated and unified security platform that’s easy to use yet robust in protection, can benefit from all-in-one cloud platforms like Forcepoint ONE.

Forcepoint ONE, by Forcepoint, the leader in user cybersecurity and data protection, delivers industry-leading security from a single console. Businesses and government agencies of all sizes find its security features simple and easy to use, starting with understanding business needs and removing the complexity of data security so companies can focus on their success. .

Forcepoint ONE is built on a Zero Trust model, where everything and everyone is verified inside and outside the perimeter to keep attackers out and sensitive data out.

“We can’t know what the future holds in the current environment, but we do know that employees must have the ability to work from anywhere, and companies must continue to implement transformation strategies. digital if they want to stay innovative and provide new services,” said Brandon Tan, director of sales engineering APAC. “Ultimately, IT teams are looking for a data security solution that offers all the tools they need without creating security holes.”

Security made simple.

Forcepoint ONE addresses a major data security challenge today, namely the rapidly growing complexity of enterprise IT infrastructures. IT infrastructure is no longer limited to desktop computers and servers. Instead, there is a clear growth in the adoption of multi-cloud services.

Companies are using a mix of old and new platforms. With these new platforms come new risks. As an IT security team learns to configure, monitor, and secure new environments, each new monitoring opportunity can easily result in a data breach.

Forcepoint’s all-in-one approach enables a security policy to enforce the rules and prevent unauthorized access or information sharing.

For example, a contractor at a financial investment firm could securely access the company’s internal audit application without a VPN or edit a Microsoft 365 document from a personal mobile device, but be prevented from uploading the file or sharing it on another third-party site. These simple yet powerful security measures, implemented through Forcepoint’s unified and streamlined platform, put data in a safer and less vulnerable position.

Secure access is achieved through the combination of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) working together and seamlessly from a single set of policies, with advanced threat protection and built-in data. Security. With access to more than 300 AWS-based global points of presence (PoPs), employees enjoy fast, low-latency connectivity and 99.99% uptime, no matter where they work .

Security subscriptions made available.

Forcepoint ONE is available immediately for annual subscriptions per user. It provides web, cloud, and private app security in a single package. You can also start with the web security edition and add cloud and private apps later. Subscriptions include centralized cloud management, unified policies with data loss prevention, automated access through an endpoint agent, and comprehensive reporting. Whatever the company thinks is the right solution for them, there is a simplified Forcepoint package for them.

“With Forcepoint ONE, we take the complexity out of the equation. Businesses can choose the packages that suit them best, with guidance from our IT engineers and data security experts,” Tan added.

Forcepoint simplifies security for global enterprises and governments. Forcepoint all-in-one, a truly cloud-native platform, makes it easy to adopt Zero Trust and prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data and intellectual property, no matter where people work.

It’s the future of remote working, secure and simplified.

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Sharon D. Cole