Popular HIMYF Dads Theory Reveals Major Twist After Season 1 Finale

A popular fan theory about the identity of the father of the title in how i met your father would mean a major twist for Sophie’s story after the Season 1 finale. HIMYM spinoff is already the subject of many theories about the identity of the father of Sophie’s son, although how i met your father has already revealed the key detail of when Hilary Duff’s character met the father. At the end of how i met your fatherFuture Sophie has revealed that the night of Sid and Hannah’s engagement party was the night she met her son’s father, meaning so far the contestants for how i met your fatherThe parents of are Jesse, Sid, Charlie, Ian and Drew.

While the first episodes of how i met your father set up the chemistry between Sophie and Jesse (Chris Lowell) as a parallel to HIMYM‘s Ted and Robin, the two characters only admitted they had feelings for each other towards the end of the season. Nevertheless, Jesse was considered the most obvious choice for the father in how i met your father, although the Season 1 finale complicated his romance with Sophie. When Jesse fired a Mosby accidentally leaving a “I like You” slipping early, Sophie took fright, but after a conversation with HIMYM‘s Robin Scherbatsky in MacLaren’s, she was ready to return to Jesse and move their relationship forward. However, once she returned to HIMYMAt Sophie’s old apartment, Sophie saw Jesse kissing his ex-girlfriend, Meredith. This apparently ended their romance (for now), especially since the final moments of how i met your father season 1 saw her romantic interest Ian return from Australia.

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Viewers haven’t met Ted’s future wife before HIMYMthe season 8 finale, but how i met your father suggests that the father is already in the cast. As such, one of the most popular theories for how i met your father suggests that Jesse Sid’s (Suraj Sharma) best friend will be the father. However, if this is true, a major reversal occurs soon after the events of how i met your fatherThe Season 1 finale in terms of Sophie’s reunion with Ian, Jesse’s feelings for Sophie, and Sid’s marital status.

Why so many fans think Sid is the father

Sophie and Sid HIMYF

Sid has been one of the most popular guesses for the father’s identity since the pilot, in part due to the fact that how i met your father hides the identity of Sophie’s son. HIMYM only showed Ted’s children during the future storytelling timeline, while how i met your father only shows Kim Cattrall’s Future Sophie. how i met your fatherThe creators of revealed that this change was intentional, as showing his son would be a major clue to the identity of the father due to his physical attributes. If Sid is really the father, then depicting Sophie’s son in the future timeline would immediately reveal the identity because he would be half-Indian.

Also, many viewers started to believe that Sid would be the father after how i met your fatherThe Season 1 episode of “Stacey,” which saw Sid and Sophie having a personal conversation about relationships in a hallway. Sid and Sophie were shown to have noticeable chemistry during this scene whether platonic or not, although nothing would come of it due to Sophie’s relationship with Drew and Sid’s relationship with Hannah. Additionally, since the show has also established that Jesse is the most obvious choice for the father, it’s widely believed that the real father will be a less expected character. Both Sid and Charlie started the series in relationships, with Sid being engaged to his long-distance fiancée Hannah (who is assumed to be the captain’s daughter) and Charlie having just entered into a relationship with Valentina. Sophie reuniting with one of these characters would mean a lot of twists and turns along the way, which many fans believe would make more sense to reveal the father than Jesse’s obvious choice.

Sid being the father means a major twist with Hannah is coming

Sid Hannah Married HIMYF Season 1 Finale

While how i met your father season 1 had continually hinted that Sid and Hannah’s engagement would end, the finale introduced a huge twist when they revealed they had married privately. It threw a wrench into the theory that Sid was the title father, but it didn’t make it impossible. Hannah and Sid are still going to be in a long distance relationship for how i met your father season 2, with many believing that distance will continue to be an issue between the two, especially since they already showed a lack of trust in each other before they got married. If Sid turns out to be the father of how i met your fathera major twist will have to happen by the end of season 2 or 3 where he and Hannah will divorce.

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Although audiences have said they see better chemistry for Sid with Sophie or Valentina than with Hannah, others appreciate that Sid and Hannah are how i met your fatherResident married couple mean they repeat Lily and Marshall’s HIMYM dynamic. Without Sid and Hannah staying together, how i met your fatherr would lack a stable relationship throughout the series, as although Marshall and Lily had their ups and downs, they were still an endgame couple once they got back together in HIMYM season 2. As such, how i met your father making Sid the father would introduce another major twist by removing him and Hannah as the show’s only secure relationship.

What Sid Is The Father Means For Jesse And Sophie’s Future

HIMYF Sophie & Jesse in Pemberton's

Not only does the theory that Sid is the father point to a twist for Hannah, but it would also introduce significant conflict with her best friend Jesse. Jesse and Sid were put in parallel HIMYMThe dynamic of Ted and Marshall, which was reinforced by the idea that the two were never in romantic competition. If Sid turns out to be the father, he, Sophie and Jesse will start rehearsing HIMYMThe Barney/Robin/Ted love triangle. That would mean introducing some meaningful drama between Sid and Jesse, as the latter character just professed his love for Sophie at the end of how i met your father season 1.

Jesse and Sophie’s romance appears to be far from over how i met your father, as the two haven’t even gotten into an official relationship yet. Since how i met your fatherThe season 1 finale seemed to indicate that season 2 would begin with Sophie dating Ian and Jesse returning with Meredith, the duo are unlikely to become a formal couple until at least halfway through the season. If Sid is the father, that means how i met your fatherJesse and Sophie de r will separate relatively soon after, perhaps repeating the relationship of a season of HIMYMit’s Ted and Robin.

Sophie and Sid’s romance is expected to be slow throughout how i met your father, with the pair likely not reuniting until near the end of the show. It would also mean that Sophie and Jesse remain friendly after their breakup, which is already proven since Future Sophie has her photo of Jesse still hanging in her home. While many thought this meant Jesse was the father, it would still make sense for his photo to be shown if Sid is the father as Jesse is his best friend and the photo is Sophie’s first gallery piece. Still, if Sid really does end up being the father as theorized, his romance with Sophie won’t develop until much later in the game. how i met your fatherchronology.

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