PathAI and Cleveland Clinic Research Digital Pathology Algorithms

PathAIa global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology for pathology, and the Cleveland Clinic announced a five-year strategic collaboration that will focus on leveraging PathAI’s quantitative pathology algorithms to perform new studies translational and for application as clinical diagnostics in different disease areas.

PathAI and Cleveland Clinic announce a collaboration to build digital pathology infrastructure and evolve the use of AI-powered pathology algorithms in research and clinical care. Image credit: PathAI.

This cooperative effort merges the AI-based platforms of PathAI with the clinical skills and multimodal data of the Cleveland Clinic to unravel broad implementation of future pathology diagnostics.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible care to our patients, and it is increasingly clear that AI-powered pathology can radically improve diagnostic accuracy and treatment choice. By doing this work, we are able to maximize the value of machine learning for our patients and fuel deeper innovation that can lead to better outcomes..

Dr. Brian Rubin, Chairman, Institute of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Cleveland Clinic

Scanning multiple pathology specimens will be made possible by combining, forming millions of whole slide images across multiple disease areas. Cleveland Clinic and PathAI will have an enriched multimodal data set to perform the study with PathAI’s technology platform and pathology algorithm menu by linking digital pathology data with clinical and molecular data.

Educational opportunities will also be provided by this partnership for Cleveland Clinic faculty and trainees, with the goal of enabling the design and use of AI-based pathology diagnostics to improve patient care. As part of this agreement, Cleveland Clinic will become a shareholder of PathAI.

PathAI will have access to scanned pathology slides to develop and improve its AI-based algorithms, as well as clinical data for research and evaluation purposes – all have been anonymized to protect patient privacy. To ensure the algorithms are fit for purpose, in both clinical and research settings, the Cleveland Clinic medical team will offer their expertise.

This exciting collaboration accelerates PathAI’s mission to provide precision pathology for all. The Cleveland Clinic is the perfect partner, with its many leading clinicians, educators, and researchers committed to transforming patient care in all areas of disease.

Dr. Andy Beck, CEO, PathAI

We see an incredible opportunity to accelerate innovation in precision pathology and use our strengths to connect communities across the healthcare ecosystem, including patients, biopharma and academic researchconcludes Dr. Andy Beck.


Sharon D. Cole