Owl House Fan Theory Claims Witches Are Descended From Humans

The owl house, Disney’s recently canceled witch TV show, has a very dedicated fanbase, many of whom flocked to it as a gay-friendly alternative to the wizarding world after it introduced Disney’s first non-binary character. As the series has continued, the lore of the Boiling Isles, the world in which the series is based, has only grown larger and more complex.

Despite the show’s growing lore, fans do what they do and add their own twists to their personal headcanon. In particular, many went to explain the history of the fictional world of The owl house. A new The owl house The Reddit fan theory posits that the race of witches that inhabit the Boiling Isles are a divergent race from humans.

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Redditor u/JoChiCat recently released a theory that brings the worlds of the Boiling Islands and Earth even closer together. In fact, JoChiCat suggests that ancient humans found their way to the Boiling Isles and adapted to the climate, making modern humans and witches diverging species from the Boiling Isles of the same ancestor.

Many factors in the series confirm this. For one thing, the way beings travel through dimensions is via Titan Blood, a substance that comes from the being around which the Boiling Islands are built. It is well established in the canon of The owl house that Titan blood was once more common than it is today, possibly due to its use for its powerful magical properties. It’s so powerful, in fact, that pools of it can sometimes transport things between worlds without any additional influence, from items to humans. Additionally, Luz uses Glyph magic, established as a “pure” form of magic. Soon after, Luz teaches other witches how to use these glyphs, which viewers learn are originally derived from the journals of another human, Emperor Belos. These glyphs seem intrinsically linked to the elements of the world, and could very well be the origin of witch magic.

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Combining these established elements, it’s not a stretch to assume that Earth’s ancient humans came to the Seething Isles and accessed the magic of the world. This led to adaptation and eventually internalizing the elements of the world by the witches, leading to divergent species that resemble each other so closely. Belos’ influence then took the witches away from their abilities, making them even more different from the humans of Earth.

The vast majority of this, in keeping with the norm with fan theories, is speculation. However, every element of the theory is established in canon except for the final element of the connection. This would take Belos’ bias even further and prove that his hatred of witches isn’t even against someone so different from him. Fan theories are often used to add depth to the world and characters, and this one is no different.

To see what happens in the remaining episodes and if the theory is confirmed, watch Season 3, which premieres August 2022 on Disney+.

Sharon D. Cole