One Piece Is About To Address A Major Fan Theory About Luffy’s Mother

With the reveal of the Shichibukai reshaped into a childish Seraphim, the upcoming One Piece chapters may confirm a popular theory about Luffy’s mother.

This article contains spoilers for One piece chapter 1059!

One of the most mysterious characters who never made an appearance in A play so far is Luffy’s mother. There are, however, several fan theories that speculate that his mother could be none other than “Mister” Crocodileand the next chapters of the series could make or break this distant speculation.

Hundreds of chapters ago, in One Piece’s Impel Down arc, the legendary veteran pirate Crocodile made his return as one of the most dangerous prisoners in the entire prison complex. During this arc, readers learn that Crocodile has a long and storied history with another famous prisoner, Emporio Ivankov. Ivankov, who has the ability to completely manipulate a person’s hormones, to the point where Ivankov himself can freely switch between a male and female body. Ivankov also reveals that he knew Crocodile back when the latter was an up-and-coming rookie pirate, a detail that could be very important in future chapters. When they first meet at Impel Down, Ivankov also keeps Crocodile in line by threatening to reveal a secret from his past, leaving the true nature of their shared past for readers to speculate.


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In One Piece Chapter 1059, the World Government revealed their new ace in the hole: the Seraphim. The Seraphim are a series of robotic superweapons designed by the SSG under the command of Vegapunk, made in the likeness of former Shichibukai like Mihawk and Boa Hancock with the added bonus of Lunar biology. The real boost is that each of these Seraphim are also designed in the form of what the Shichibukai looked like as children. Knowing that Crocodile was once a Shichibukai, it’s not a stretch to imagine that the World Government already possesses his genetic material and a Seraph may soon appear in his image.

An image of Crocodile as a child has already appeared once on one of Oda’s SBS pages, but readers were quick to point out that the image shown still had an androgynous aspect to it. If any of the Seraphim were to appear as a Crocodile in their youth, it could determine whether or not the veteran pirate was a girl earlier in his career, then turned into a man through the use of Emporio Ivankov’s powers. . Despite the clear breadcrumb line leading to the idea that Crocodile was once female, the idea of ​​him being Luffy’s mother at some point is quite distinct. There is ground for the theory, however, as Crocodile has an association with Mr. 2 and Ivankov, two characters who both hail from Okama Island, a recurring base of operations for the Revolutionary Army. Also, it’s completely reasonable that Crocodile wouldn’t know about his own lineage, since even Ivankov, one of Monkey D. Dragon’s closest allies, didn’t know about Luffy’s relationship. with him until the Marineford War. On top of that, when the news of Luffy’s relationship with Dragon finally comes to light, Crocodile starts acting extremely erratic, moving to protect Luffy after just fighting with him for trying to kill Whitebeard.

Be that as it may, the emergence of the Seraphim has certainly deepened the mystery of Luffy’s mother and Crocodiles past origins. Only time will tell if a Crocodile-modeled Seraph will appear in A play and give readers some of the answers they’ve been waiting for.

Sharon D. Cole