On the podcast: Can I just create my own algorithms?

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Instagram Manager Adam Mosseri released a Instagram video from March 23 which explains Instagram’s new approach to feeds. There are now three:

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  1. Your main algorithmic feed. This is the main ranked feed that everyone uses by default and shows you some of the things you’ve said you like and lots of things Instagram thinks you’ll like.
  2. A new tracking flow. It’s “a deterministic stream of accounts that you follow in chronological order,” which is exactly what it sounds like, except you or I probably wouldn’t have used the word deterministic to describe it.
  3. A new Favorites stream. It’s “a way to make sure you don’t miss any of the accounts that matter most to you.” Instagram will show you photos and videos from channels you’ve marked as favorites at the top of your main feed, but you can also access a chronological feed of your favorites only.

For some reason, Mosseri didn’t define the Favorites feed as deterministic, despite it apparently being made up entirely of user-determined Favorites.

If you said, “Josh, you seem weirdly obsessed with semantics here,” you’d be 100% right! But, in my defense, it’s not every day that the head of one of the most used social media platforms on the planet releases a video intended to inform the masses about fundamental changes in user experience and use what the Reading Behavior Log would define as a “rare word” in order to do so. Also, it’s confusing to only use it once when I think he describes two similar things. Does this mean that the Followed feed is deterministic, but the Favorites feed is not? And if they both are, why didn’t he use the same adjective to describe each of them?

Language decisions aside, I like the idea of ​​multiple stream options. Many. Giving users more choice about their experience on a social app is a daunting task, but if done right, it could be a game-changer. I just wish Instagram went further.

How about an algorithmic feed for a set number of your interests? Suppose you could select three or four or an infinite amount of vertical content feeds, and those feeds would show the content of the handles you followed specific to that vertical, plus whatever the algorithm decides. So, in addition to seeing your home improvement, travel, cooking, and other content in one feed, you can have a separate feed for each. Each stream could then also take you further, bringing up more esoteric content from that vertical that you wouldn’t otherwise have been exposed to.

Could be cool, right? I think so too. And you can hear Lauren effusively agree with me on our latest episode of Creator Download. Subscribe on Apple podcast or whenever you listen. You will dig it.

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Sharon D. Cole