My Hero Academia Proves a Dark Theory Is True in a Horrifying Way

As the final battle between heroes and villains rages on in my hero academiaTomura Shigaraki presents itself as the most dangerous village alive. Not only does he pose a direct threat to the heroes trying to stop him, but more importantly, he poses an existential threat to all of humanity.

Shigaraki was raised to lead the destruction of My Hero Academia world in more ways than one. Grandson of Nana Shimura, the seventh holder of the One for All Quirk, he was abused as a child by his father for his love of superheroes. His father hated superheroes due to his mother Nana giving him up for adoption when she was unable to properly care for him while being a superhero. Her hatred for humanity grew after being punished by her father, triggering her “decay” quirk to power up. Unable to control him, he killed his entire family. Although he didn’t want to kill his sister, mother and grandparents, he actively attacked his father. Homeless, Tomura wandered the streets until he was found and cared for by All For One. Sensing Shigaraki’s immense hatred for humanity and heroes, under All For One’s analysis, Shigaraki presented the ultimate tool to finally get revenge on All Might and reclaim the One For All Quirk. From then on, All For One treated Shigaraki as his own son.


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Despite Shigaraki’s already immense powers, All For One and his assistant, Dr. Kyudai Garaki, believed that to be truly effective, he needed more than what his Quirk offered. Later, via surgery, he received enhanced abilities, including the original One for All power. With the combination of his pre-op abilities which included the ability to disintegrate anything he touches, along with his post-op enhancements, Shigaraki becomes My Hero Academia the strongest villain and easily surpassed his mentor All For One’s abilities. Now, he poses the most significant threat to Pro-Heroes authority since All For One in its heyday. However, with all the bizarre effects that were passed down from his grandmother, as well as the ones he inherited after receiving the All For One Quirk, he increasingly proves that the once-derided doomsday theory of the Quirk Singularity is true.

According My Hero Academia Quirk Singularity Theory, Quirks are combined and passed down from parents to children. As the combination of Quirks becomes more complex with each successive generation, there will come a time when the resulting Quirks will become too complex and powerful for the wielders to control. That is, when the world is filled with people with Quirks of unimaginable power, who cannot be controlled, humanity will suffer. Indeed, a Quirk will eventually arise that will have the power to completely wipe out humanity.

Indeed, there is no better example of the existence of the Quirk Singularity in My Hero Academia world than Shigaraki. Shigaraki embodies the future of humanity in the present. First, it is imbued with a potent blend of Quirks which are, at present, more powerful than ever encountered before. Second, there is a question of whether Shigaraki is able to control his abilities. This is obviously illustrated in the showdown he is currently waging with the remnants of All For One in my hero academia, as well as the grotesque deformity of his left arm which displays all the hands of the people whose Quirks were assimilated by One For All. As dark as it sounds, Shigaraki might just be the biggest proof of My Hero Academia bizarre singularity theory.

Sharon D. Cole