Moon Knight Theory: Marc’s Third Person Psychopath Killed [SPOILER]

Moon Knight Theory: Marc’s Third Person Psychopath Killed [SPOILER]

Moon Knight episode 3 is out and it did an amazing job building the suspense even more. So far, we have seen two major personalities in episodes 1 and 2. They are Marc Spector and Steven Grant who transform into Moon Knight and Mr Knight respectively. This is different from the comics because these four names are different characters in the source material. But there’s another personality in the books that has yet to be featured on the show. He was heavily teased and my moon knight The theory suggests that the show is preparing for a darker truth about this mysterious third character. But first, let’s try to figure out who it is.

Spoiler for moon knight Episode 3, The friendly guy to follow.

Marc’s third personality in the comics

Along with Marc Spector the mercenary and Steven Grant the millionaire (an MCU gift shop employee), the comics also have Jake Lockley. He is a taxi driver at street level in New York. He fulfills the detective aspect of Moon Knight overtime, he manages to build up a solid network of informants. Thanks to him, Moon Knight is able to understand what is happening in the criminal world. His main contact is Bertrand Crawley, who is the show’s golden statue guy.

Chances are, Marc Spector’s third personality on the show is Jake Lockley. Episodes 1 and 2 gave us some clues about this secret identity. For starters, it was weird for Marc to set up a date for Vegan Steven, and that too in a steak. Mark was married to Layla, so he probably wouldn’t have asked someone out on a date or for someone who shares his body.

Second, episode 3 confirmed that this third identity is extremely violent. Marc was knocked unconscious while chasing Harrow’s thugs through Cairo. And the next hit saw his body stab these guys to death. He realized that neither he nor Steven was the killer in this situation. So clearly, this was the sinister third character. Jake Lockley isn’t as violent in the books, so maybe MCU could have changed him like Steven was changed. But my theory is that this secret identity is someone entirely different and unique.

It’s Scotty, not Jake!

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The museum guard kept calling Steven Scotty. So instead of Jake, the third character could be called Scott/Scotty. He could have asked this nice lady out on a date. Since he’s the cold-blooded killer of the 3, he could also have appeared in the first episode when Steven nearly got the Beetle ripped out of his hand. He killed a few of Harrow’s followers and that’s why his hands were so bloody. It will be interesting to see what other instances have it actively running. But I believe he also committed some heinous acts at the Egyptian dig site.

The Dark Secret of Marc’s Psychopathic Third Person

We know that Layla’s father was murdered at a dig site. And in Episode 2, Harrow’s follower DC Kennedy revealed that Mark was wanted for the archaeologists’ murder. Harrow told Layla that Marc was hiding something from her about her father’s murder. He said Marc thinks he’s unlovable.

So with that and Marc’s reaction in mind, my theory is that Layla’s father was among those dead archaeologists, and it was Scotty who murdered him and the others. That’s the dark secret behind Marc and Steven’s third personality, and it’s a reveal the show is building on. Marc probably realized this, and out of massive guilt and to keep Layla from finding out the truth, he pushed her away. It seems to have covered all sorts of damage Scotty has created so far.

As a mercenary, Marc is brutal in his ways. But it’s not Scotty. This third character is a dark and carefree psychopath. In the comics, Raul Bushman betrayed Marc and left him to die. But here there is no sign of Bushman. Instead, it’s the third character Scotty, who brings out Moon Knight’s dark side. We also discussed a theory that this third character is actually working with Arthur Harrow. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things go with that.

Moon Knight is broken and fine!

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So far, we’ve forgiven Bucky for his crimes as the brainwashed Winter Soldier. We have forgiven Hawkeye for his Ronin past. So now we have to be ready to deal with the dark character of Moon Knight. He’s a twisted superhero and this dark truth about him is what makes him so complex and broken. Marvel went easy on Black Widow by keeping Antonia alive. But they shouldn’t do the same with Moon Knight. It’s normal for our heroes to be broken.

After this series, Marc and Steven should work in tandem to keep Scotty’s character at bay. Together they would truly accept being the fist of Khonshu and atone for Scotty’s sins by bringing justice as Moon Knight and Mr Knight.

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Sharon D. Cole