Mind-boggling meta-fan theory believes the MCU exists in the MCU

Picture: Disney Plus

Not happy with the Marvel Cinematic Universe simply being the most expanding and populous franchise in the known universe, fans now think there’s another very meta layer to the Marvel cake.

During the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the What if…? series, the audience learns the idea of ​​multiverse theory as well as the idea of ​​numbered universes. Traditionally in Marvel comics, the main universe is referred to as Earth-616: but in the comics, the MCU is numbered Earth-199999.

So what exactly is the deal with the MCU being both Earth-616 and Earth-199999? Well, a fan theory thinks they’ve solved the case, and it’s making numbers on Reddit.

Published by the aptly named /u/Antman269, the theory holds that the MCU is a franchise based on the 616 Marvel comics, which exists in all 616 comics. Essentially, the MCU is an adaptation of “real world events” that occur for the citizens of the 616 comic book universe. Following you?

This would mean there’s a lot more going on than many initially thought in the MCU, and would go some way to explaining why some actors have returned to their roles, like Patrick Stewart from the x-men movies in Multiverse of Madnessor Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield of their Spider Man movies in No coming home.

Or, it’s an over-intellectualization of a property that really shouldn’t be so complex, and is constantly on the verge of falling apart as it tries to expand its universe. Either way, it’s a fun time to speculate on Marvel properties.

Either way, there are countless stories left to be told in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the latest entry, Thor: Love and Thunder currently in the cinema.

Sharon D. Cole