MCU Theory: Iron Man Created Sakaar

Iron Man never visited Sakaar in the MCU, but a new theory suggests he not only knew about the famous planet, but also created it.

Tony Stark is unquestionably one of the founding fathers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his solo outing in Iron Man being the franchise’s first entry. His influence was pronounced and complex, as his legacy spurred the creation and continuation of the MCU’s Spider-Man and a slew of heroes and villains. By his own admission, he created a significant amount of Avengers technology and funded their excursions. However, it’s possible that Stark’s creations include more than a few technological elements.

Sakaar, the trash planet with a gladiatorial arena at the heart of Thor: Ragnarok, is a colorful and curious orb outside of reality in many ways. One of them includes a black hole that serves as a leaky pipe from which discharges from the space highways are discharged. And the new fan theory connects this black hole to the climax of 2012 The Avengers. In fact, he proposes that Stark himself accidentally created the planet of Hulk’s famous gladiator matches via time shenanigans and a little suspension of disbelief.

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Redditor u/Chronon_Field’s theory started at the end of the first avengers movie when Iron Man forced the nuclear missile into the portal created for the Chitauri forces. His destruction of this controlled black hole and all the equipment inside would have wreaked havoc in time/space, resulting in an area where the time stream is affected. This time distortion and the abundance of space junk eventually resulted in the creation of a mass of junk large enough to form a planet, with the distortion caused by the various wormholes allowing millennia to pass in just a few years. . This time warp is well established in MCU canon and is essential for the theory to be possible.

After learning about the creation of this planet, the theory states that Stark orchestrated the Hulk’s path at the end of Age of Ultron send the green giant to Sakaar to live out his days in relative peace, unaware of all that awaits him. This brings Stark’s actions closer to those of his comic book counterpart, even if it makes his established history and legacy in the MCU more sinister. Miek’s backstory is also revised in this theory, as the Blade Larva is now believed to be a descendant of the Chitauri forces that were destroyed during Stark’s attack.

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Naturally, many fans disputed this theory. For one thing, the MCU’s fuzzy logic regarding time/space distortions is hard to pin down. Indeed, time would have to flow strangely and in flux on Sakaar, as the planet would have to be both old and new to satisfy the theory’s requirements. Additionally, there are issues with Miek and Tony’s revisions because, while they may strengthen the relationship between the characters and Sakaar, they have little backup in the MCU canon.

Overall, this fan theory makes for a fun potential connection of two major moments in the MCU, reminiscent of the days of the “It’s All Connected” movement that came out in phase one. And while fans eagerly await what the future of the MCU holds, from Kang to Namor, there’s still plenty to examine in the past. However, this particular theory is hard to accept, mainly because of what it does to the character of Iron Man.

Sharon D. Cole