Manifest Theory Completely Changes Cal’s Purpose in the Show

A theory about Grace’s death and Cal’s defense of Angelina in Manifest season 3 completely changes Cal’s role on the show and redefines his character.

A theory about Grace’s death completely changes Cal’s purpose in Manifest. Cal (Jack Messina) was apparently wrong about Angelina (Holly Taylor) when it was implied that she murdered Grace (Athena Karkanis) in the Manifest season 3 finale. However, other interpretations of the incident have since emerged.

Grace’s murder seems to be the catalyst for some Manifest Season 4’s biggest stories, including what happens with Cal, who has long been seen as the most important figure in the show’s central mystery. For some reason yet to be properly explained, Cal has a stronger bond with the Callings than any of the other passengers on Flight 828. As a result, characters like Ben (Josh Dallas), Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh ) and Zeke (Matt Long) place great emphasis on Cal’s drawings, which appear to be prophetic in nature. Even though he’s just a kid, Cal clearly has an understanding of calls that the rest of the passengers lack.


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The mystery surrounding Cal became even more complicated in the Manifest season 3 finale when Cal disappeared and returned five more years in the span of a few hours. Now that he’s aged five years, the idea that Cal is special is more evident than ever. And according to him, he knows what to do next, which reinforces the belief that Cal is their best hope of going through the calls and beating the date of death. But Cal’s connection to Angelina and the bizarre circumstances surrounding his return have led to dark theories about his role on the show. Here’s why Cal might have known Grace was going to die, and how this revelation would fundamentally change his character forever.

Cal’s Defense of Angelina in Manifest Season 3 Explained

During Manifest season 3, Angelina became a potentially dangerous loose cannon whose obsession with Eden visibly worried Grace. Setting the Stone house on fire and putting the child in danger indicated that Angelina held bigoted views that might become problematic later. One character who was unconcerned with Angelina’s behavior was Cal, who instead insisted that she stay with the Stone family. He openly opposed his mother’s decision to kick her out of their home and even snuck out to find Angelina. He claims that Angelina is meant to stay with them, suggesting that she is vital to the passengers’ journey.

Angelina killing Grace and kidnapping Eden, it’s pretty hard to believe that she ever deserved to be seen as an ally to the passengers of Flight 828. This could mean that despite Cal’s apparent wisdom when it comes to appeals, he was totally wrong about Angelina. But given everything that’s happened on the show, Cal simply making a mistake helping her seems unlikely, which is why there may be a hidden explanation for Cal’s efforts to keep Angelina close.

Maybe Cal Knew Grace Was Gonna Die

It has been theorized that Cal’s comments about Angelina in Manifest season 3 is directly tied to Grace’s death at his hands. After all, the timing of his return (and where he appeared) raises some interesting questions. Cal returning five years older indicates that time travel is somehow in play. Presumably, he went to an unrevealed time and place for five years and returned seconds before his mother died. Perhaps it’s too much of a coincidence that Cal returned at the exact moment Grace died. Also, it’s worth noting that while Cal was upset at the sight of seeing her, he wasn’t exactly shocked.

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The timing of her appearance in the finale and Cal’s reaction to what happened are clues that the older version of Cal knew Grace was going to die. If true, that would explain his presence in the scene. If the Callings or his time travel had told him of future events, he might have known when and where Grace’s death was supposed to happen so he could share one last moment with his mother.

Did Cal let Grace’s death happen?

If it’s revealed that Cal was aware of Grace’s fate, it would say a lot about his dedication to the calls and how much he’s changed as a character. Because if Cal knew, that would mean he allowed it to happen. Why did he show up after the stabbing instead of moments before? One possible answer ties into Angelina’s importance to the Calls and gives new meaning to her defense of her character. Before he disappeared, Cal knew the Callings needed Angelina, but he might not have known why until later. Cal could have discovered that Angelina murdering Grace was part of a larger plan for the passengers to survive the date of death.

The reason the Callings would want Grace dead could be explained by Ben’s Season 3 arc. Lately, Ben (who has been at the forefront of their efforts to track the calls) has been making decisions that his traveling companions have found questionable and a little desperate. It could be that the Calls needed Grace’s death to get Ben back on track. Saving the lifeboat may depend on Ben making the right choices in Manifest season 4.

What could be Cal’s plan in season 4 of Manifest

Manifest Calibration Plan

Cal allowing Grace to die in order to make sure things turn out a certain way would obviously turn him into a morally gray character in Manifest season 4. Essentially, it would redefine him as someone who religiously follows the Callings regardless of the consequences and never questioning what they ask of passengers. While it’s hard to imagine Manifest taking such a dark road with the Stone family dynamic, the show could have already foreshadowed it when Cal told his dying mother that he knew what they had to do now.

Those words were spoken with great confidence, as if Cal had a fully worked out plan of what to do about the Callings in the episodes to come. Whatever this plan is, it could lead to significant disagreements with Ben and the others about their current course in Manifest season 4. What Cal thinks they should do could be in contrast to Ben’s own ideas, and all sorts of conflict and turmoil could arise if this theory about Grace’s death turns out to be true. The Stone family could be upset if it turns out that the older version of Cal chose not to prevent this tragic event from happening.

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