Liberals could theoretically kill off the legal handgun market any day — Canada’s ruling Liberal Party could use its planned executive order to kill off the legal handgun market at any time, and certainly before the fall.

Here is an overview of the process and procedure behind the possible schedule.

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why is it important

  • Some gun owners and businesses fear OCI is coming today or tomorrow.
  • Some think they have months of headroom to buy, sell and transfer handguns.
  • Too many gun owners are focused on Bill C-21 and completely miss the OIC.

What we know

  • The Liberals are using two tactics to slow-motion confiscate legally owned handguns by prohibiting the purchase, sale and transfer of handguns:
    1. Regulations (OIC)
    2. Legislation (Bill C-21)
  • They tabled the planned regulations in the House of Commons and the Senate on Monday, May 30.
    • Which committees? They didn’t say anything.
    • We suppose SECU (Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security) in the House and SEDC (Standing Committee on National Security and Defence) in the Senate.
    • SECU did not answer us. The SECD just told us they didn’t hear anything, so it could be another committee.
    • The SECU meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The SECD meets on Mondays. Presumably, the meetings stop during the summer holidays.
  • Bill C-21 will likely take at least a few weeks or a few months before it becomes law. (We wouldn’t be surprised if it passes this month or this year.)

Two possible OIC timelines and paths

Source: firearms lawsection 118

  1. To fall. The government must grant the House and the Senate a period of 30 sitting days to review the settlements, the Cabinet can then activate the settlements by the OCI.
    • That would mean an executive order in the fall. That’s what the Prime Minister and Mendicino said on Monday.
  2. Any day. The House (SECU?) and Senate (SECD?) committees could review the regulations and, if they wish, report to their respective houses that they have no amendments. So the OCI is ready to go.
    • The report can be one sentence and come quickly. Or it could take weeks or months, if it happens at all.
    • Example: SECU Report to the House on some of the regulations in last year’s Bill C-71. It took six months, with a summer vacation and an election break in the middle.


  • A second-hand source (whom we consider reliable) told us that the SECU discussed the subject at today’s meeting and that the settlement was not on its agenda.

No response from the Ministry of Public Security

  • We questioned the Ministry of Public Security on the above points. They didn’t answer.
  • They usually respond to us quickly.

What else we know

  • The Liberals said Monday they were working on executive orders to criminalize licensed and legal gun users and businesses in at least three areas:
    1. Ammunition magazines
    2. Storage
    3. Imports (the so-called “Firearms Marking Regulations”)

And after

  • Bill C-21: The government has scheduled second reading in the House for Friday afternoon (tomorrow).

What else do you want to know

  • Legislative and regulatory processes are complex, difficult to understand and difficult to follow. (Example: We are in contact this evening with a senator who was familiar with Bill C-21, but did not know the parallel regulations.)
  • Schedules and programs can change quickly.
  • This government does not seem interested in being transparent or direct. They seem to intend to mislead and misinform.
  • In politics, anything is possible.

what you can do

  • Many people ask us how to combat these latest political and regulatory attacks.
  • One can only answer as usual: Take your friends out shooting (National Range Day this Saturday!), help them buy guns, write your MP, never vote liberal, consider voting conservative where they can win , …
  • Remember: Canada’s legislative and regulatory regime for gun ownership is not designed to simplify or encourage gun ownership, it is designed to suppress gun ownership.


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  • wouldn’t exist without all of you.


Sharon D. Cole