Li Auto said he would soon see the head of AI algorithms resign

Beijing (Gasgoo)- The head of Li Auto’s intelligent driving AI algorithm unit and AI chief scientist Wang Yilun is expected to resign from the Chinese new energy vehicle startup soon, local media reported on June 25. october.

L9; photo credit: Li Auto

During his tenure, Wang Yilun is mainly responsible for R&D of AI algorithms such as perception and intelligent driving mapping, and reports to Lang Xianpeng, vice president of Li Auto.

After his rumored resignation, Wang Yilun may venture into start-up businesses, the media channel said. The executive is still transferring jobs and is expected to leave Li Auto at the end of the month. Insiders have revealed that Li Auto is looking for a vice president of algorithms to take over Wang’s work.

Wang Yilun graduated from Stanford University and majored in computer science. He joined Li Auto in December 2020, when the automaker was in the midst of developing proprietary algorithms. Wang’s Perceptual Algorithms team consists of hundreds of members. Notably, Wang Yilun also served as senior expert of Huawei Automotive BU.

Regarding Wang Yilun’s hearsay resignation, Li Auto denied the authenticity while Wang said he was unable to answer.

Sharon D. Cole