Letters to the Editor – Tenant Rights, Critical Race Theory, Texas CPS, Fossil Fuels, Election Agents

The fight of the tenants applauded

Re: “Tenant wins against all odds – Judge awards $5,000 in damages to woman who has struggled for years to get her apartment fixed,” Thursday Metro & Business article.

Hooray for Brittany Jones who won, without a lawyer, compensation from apartment owners for recourse and redress. Its success required determination, tenacity, methodical documentation (burden of proof) and perseverance.

I have been a property manager for over 25 years and will not work with any landlord who does not allow reasonable repairs to their property. Not only is it illegal, it’s unethical.

The City of Mesquite should condemn the Hillcrest apartments if the living conditions are as bad as those represented by Jones. No heat? No air conditioning? Cockroach infestation so bad she can’t use her fridge? All of this is unacceptable.

Kudos to Jones for standing up for his rights, which include health and safety under the law. But one person shouldn’t have to go to such lengths to prove their case. And there’s a dispute over who owns the building? What does it matter? Responsibility – it is its absence – is rampant today in all areas of life. I commend anyone for fighting for this.

Ellen Heathington Westbrooks, Dallas/Lakewood

Truth is not indoctrination

The desire to know and share the truth of American history does not come from a desire to shame. I think it rather expresses pride. True pride is wanting to improve our communities so that everyone can live a life free from discrimination and oppression.

Education in critical race theory and awareness of LGBT histories are necessary to nurture compassionate young people who are armed with factual information in the hope that knowledge inspires passion. Passion that will bring about improvements. Passion that will be edifying. A passion that will inspire young people to be active in making positive progress in their communities and in their country. Sharing the truth is not indoctrination.

Slate from Delaney, Plano

Failed Colossal Foster Care

Re: “Agency continues to falter – Hearing reveals nude selfies, slurs against federal judge in The Refuge fallout,” Tuesday’s news article.

It is a failure of colossal magnitude. Governor Greg Abbott is to blame for not knowing and not following up once he was briefed. As a long-time volunteer with at-risk children, I am outraged that victims of abuse are being further mistreated at this unspeakably failing state agency. Abbott should be impeached.

Skip Broussard, Far North Dallas

Let’s be realistic with solutions

Subject: “Fossil Fuels Are a National Security Asset,” by Todd Staples, Opinion, March 20 and “War, Sanctions Could Make Dollar the Loser,” by Todd J. Stein, Opinion, Monday.

Staples and Stein present scholarly and thoughtful articles on, respectively, the strategic importance of the oil and gas industry and the danger that recent Russian sanctions pose to the dollar in the longer term. They are persuasive defenders of their respective interest groups, and I cannot fault their reasoning except for one overriding concern. Neither offers, suggests or even alludes to realistic alternatives.

Mr. Staples, how do you propose to deal with the coming catastrophes due to climate change which, incidentally, will likely flood your lower refineries on the Gulf Coast due to rising sea levels? Mr. Stein, should we just ignore Vladimir Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, or perhaps send in US troops, so that the sanctity of the dollar can be protected?

A similar plea is addressed to all opinion writers. Acknowledge and address the disadvantages as well as the advantages of the position you support. Provide workable solutions with your concerns and criticisms. Otherwise, the divisions that torment us will never be resolved.

Ronald Briggs, Pottsboro

The comic develops

I love reading The Dallas Morning News comics every day. And now Governor Greg Abbott is trying his hand at being a prankster, as evidenced by the front-page story where he calls Beto O’Rourke “pro-Putin.” It’s funny to see Abbott’s jokes on the front page.

Daryl DavisDallas

Cruz embarrasses Texas

In my opinion, Senator Ted Cruz not only embarrassed himself, but also our state of Texas, during Wednesday’s hearings on the nomination of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court. What happened to intelligence in today’s politics?

Larry F. Kainer, Colleyville

Polling stations lack training

Until the people who write the “how to” manuals and set the guidelines for poll workers actually work in a polling station and experience the turmoil, nothing will change. The training required leaves something to be desired because again, the people trained have no idea what is happening on the sites.

And yes, I worked many, many elections, early and on the day.

Emma Cross Petty, Irving

One is like the other

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. An authoritarian leader makes one-sided decisions that are morally wrong and without logic. He is so powerful that members of his government and his own party are too intimidated to disagree with his words and actions. If the media does not agree with his thoughts and decisions, the bully considers it “fake news”.

If a certain Republican is re-elected, it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish between these two governments!

Alan McCuistion, Forney

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Sharon D. Cole