Lenovo and Complexity Gaming team up for summer gaming camps


Some exciting summer camp news as Lenovo and Complexity Gaming have teamed up to offer summer camps dedicated to gaming. Starting next week, July 25, the two companies will be offering a couple of two-week camps focused on creating esports content. Which will be mixed with concepts revolving around science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM), so it’s both fun and educational. (Yes, those two can exist!) The camps are exclusively for girls and underserved children, part of an initiative to increase the accessibility and diversity of play. The good news is that those who qualify to be part of the game will be able to attend with free coverage by Lenovo. Each camp will also focus on essential life-building and social skills such as safe online habits, the importance of anti-toxicity and inclusivity.

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After each program, campers will have a summary project of their work, which they can take home to show friends and family about their time there. You can view more details here and register your child to attend the camp. Here are the two main sets they have planned for the next two weeks, which will be held at the Lenovo Legion Esports Center in Frisco, TX.

  • July 25-29: Digital Creators: Esports – It takes a lot to get to the esports stage. Campers will not only learn the gaming skills needed to make it happen, but also effective strategies for building their profiles and digital content. (open to girls aged 12 to 15)
  • August 1-5: STEAM Evening – In this program, campers will learn how design, coding, engineering, and more intersect to create exciting projects using robots, LEGO, instant circuits, and more. (open to youth ages 6-9; eligibility based on income)

“The Dallas-Fort Worth area has a strong gambling culture, and that lifelong passion is often discovered at an early age,” said Jason Lake, Founder and CEO, Complexity Gaming, and Global Head of Esports, GameSquare Esports. “Together with Lenovo, we are able to proactively highlight in-game social and educational opportunities for newcomers to the space, as well as help local young people take their ideas to the next level.”

“The enormous scale and momentum of the gaming industry is undeniable,” said Lenovo NA’s chief marketing officer. Gerald Youngblood. “Children interact with games and gaming content daily, and by partnering with an industry leader like Complexity, Lenovo is expanding the ways we help young people learn and grow from their gaming experience. .”

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