Learn how Rebecca Morrison, winner of the WiSTEM2D Scholars Award, uses flexible algorithms to solve complex climate problems


Year: 2019
University: University of Colorado, Boulder
Discipline: Math
Native country: UNITED STATES
To research: Identify flexible algorithms to track and process changing climate variables

Rebecca Morrison’s work focuses on identifying flexible algorithms that can perform mathematical calculations on variables such as temperature, weather, and precipitation more quickly and accurately as they change over time. This allows for more accurate, physics-based, data-driven computer models of these changes, making it easier to solve complex climate problems.

Morrison shares that receiving WiSTEM2The D Scholars award has had immense positive impacts on his work. In addition to providing funding and recognition for her research, the program has helped her build an international community of intelligent, dynamic and diverse female researchers.

Through the mentorship aspect of the program, Morrison was able to connect with Dr. Dusa McDuff, who she says has been a wonderful mentor. “She helped me navigate many ideas and complexities of early college life,” says Morrison. “Thank you, J&J, for all that! »

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Sharon D. Cole