koo app: Koo makes its algorithms public to provide more transparency

Chenai: Local multilingual microblogging platform Koo on Wednesday released the philosophy and operation of its core algorithms in a bid to bring more transparency and neutrality to the platform. This decision is intended to let users know why they see the content they see.

Algorithms are a set of mathematical rules that help personalize and improve user experiences based on their own behaviors and preferences. The basic principle of these algorithms is to generate relevance for a user.

Koo’s decision comes at a time when Twitter is facing criticism from billionaire Elon Musk. Tesla CEO says Twitter algorithms should be open source.

“Any change in people’s tweets – whether they’re boosted or muted – that action should be made apparent,” he said. “So everyone can see that this action has been taken, so there’s no kind of manipulation behind the scenes, either algorithmically or manually.”

He added that the code behind the algorithm should be available on GitHub, so users can inspect it for themselves.

Koo’s decision to open the algorithm is meant to educate and raise awareness among users on how it achieves its goals.

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Mayank Bidawatka, co-founder of Koo, told ET that Musk’s vision of an algorithm completely open to people who can decide for themselves is complex and not the most user-friendly option for an average user. . He said that Musk, being a sophisticated user, could eventually make those decisions about how to make the algorithm work best for him, but said it was not something that would work for a large portion of the population. .

“By making our algorithms public, we are taking a step forward in enabling users to understand how we manage relevance,” he explained. “Algorithms are constantly evolving and being experimented with very frequently, and while we are starting to release them, in the near future we will also be offering users the option to see a timeline stream if they wish. This gives them the best of both worlds.

Koo discusses the major variables used in its four main algorithms – Feed, Trending #, People recommendations and Notifications. These four algorithms determine the type of content that users see and consume.

“Talking openly about our algorithms is part of our commitment to letting users know that there are no hidden agendas at Koo,” Koo co-founder and CEO Aprameya Radhakrishna said in a statement.

He added that the company will continue to keep users informed about how Koo works and build trust on how it is building a “safe, unbiased, and trusted social media platform for the future.”

Recently, Koo also enabled voluntary self-verification which allows all users to be recognized as authentic and credible voices on the platform.

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Sharon D. Cole